September 17, 2005

Green & Blue

You can practically see the grass growing today. Everything's green as fuck. ~ my older brother

Don't ask me how green fuck is, I don't know. But it is very bright green & blue & white outside (grass, sky, clouds); although it's supposed to pour down later on this week or something. I hope it doesn't, I like spring weather.

bro'Town, New Zealand's attempt at a Politically Incorrect animated series, is into season 2. And I still can't find it funny. Compared to South Park or something of that ilk, it falls flat. I guess it has the same problems that I find in Family Guy... funny for a couple of times, but then gets old. I might organise my thoughts a bit more and then write them in here later on.

There's stuff happening but I'm too lazy to talk about it. Not that anyone would want to know, mind.


September 08, 2005

HTTP 404 Not Found

Sad. =(

And, after about a year or so, has closed. Zento couldn't afford the host anymore. NZ's first FF community was small and little-known, but it lasted a considerable distance and attracted random people considering the (little) amount of advertising it had.
Oh well. RIP, PDNZ, and I hope for a ressurection one day.

*removes link from sidebar*

This keyboard is very soft for some reason. The keys don't click as much as they should... Weird school keyboards, probably stuffed with chewing gum or something.

Happy =)

Last night we had the 3.2 assessment. I passed with Excellence... Yay me. That made two great things that happened in one day (that & the audition reply)... I woke up this morning feeling bloody good, but today's been pretty shitty. I watched Alexander on Tuesday night... It makes for bad viewing if you already have knowledge about what happened, as well as opinions on people. And at the end Alexander looked like a drag queen. But oh well.

September 07, 2005


It's not too late at all. Auditions are in November. We'll schedule you for one, and will be in touch soon. - The Map Reader guy

w00t. I really did think I was too late in sending my stuff away, apparently not.

I probably won't get it, though =/.

September 03, 2005

3.2 - Final Drama assessment at school EVAR.

Long Day's Journey into Night/Act IV - Eugene O'Niell
You've just told me some high points in your memories. Want to hear mine? They're all connected with the sea. Here's one. When I was on the Squarehead square rigger, bound for Buenos Aires. Full moon in the Trades. The old hooker driving fourteen knots. I lay on the bowsprit, facing astern, with the water foaming into spume under me, the masts with every sail white in the moonlight, towering high above me. I became drunk with the beauty and singing rythm of it, and for a moment I lost myself - actually lost my life. I was set free! I dissolved in the sea, became white sail and flying spray, became beauty and rythm, became moonlight and the ship and the high dim-starred sky! I belonged, without past or future, within peace and unity and wild joy, within something greater than my own life, or the life of man, to Life itsrlf! To God, if you want to put it that way.
Then another time, on the American Line, when I was lookout on the crow's nest in the dawn watch. A calm sea, that time. Only a lazt ground swell and a slow drowsy roll of the ship. The passengers asleep and none of the crew in sight. No sound of man. Black smoke puring from the funnels behind and beneath me. Dreaming, not keeping lookout, feeling alone, and above, and apart, watching the dawn creep like a painted dream over the sky and sea which slept together. Then the moment of ecstatic freedom came. The peace, the end of the quest, the last harbour, the joy of belonging to a fulfillment beyond men's lousy, pitiful, greedy fears and hopes and dreams!
And several other times in my life, when I was swimming far out, or lying alone on a beach, I have had the same experience. Became the sun, the hot sand, green seaweed anchored to a rock, swaying in the tide. Like a saint's vision of beatitude. Like the veil of things as they seem drawn back by an unseen hand. For a second you see - and seeing the secret, are the secret. For a second there is meaning! Then the hand lets the veil fall and you are alone, lost in the fog again, and you stumble on toward nowhere, for no good reason...

...It was a great mistake, my being born a man. I would have been much more successful as a sea gull or a fish. As it is, I will always be a stranger who does not feel at home, who does not really want and is not really wanted, who can never belong, who must always be a little in love with death...