August 30, 2005

I can't believe I did that.

I think I'm addicted. Dammit.

I watch NZ Idol properly for the first time since the Idol sensation began (well, since the entire search-for-a-superstar fad began) and I think I'm hooked. I just spent two hours on IdolBlog; I even bothered to play around with making a new user image (as you can see to the right in my profile, if your cache is working properly).
Maybe it's because this season of Idol is actually full of not particularly great singers (except for one or two, or three), and yet the judges insist on praising the bad performers and denouncing the good ones. Out of my three favourites, one went last night (Keshia) - a fairly average singer, but she was like a little bean onstage. Much, much better than most of the others, who I find a little flat and dull. My other two favs - Teresa and Jesse - will probably go soon as well; as they don't fit the needs of all the 10-16 year old girls who waste all their money voting on the best looking guy. Teresa has a really diff'rent voice, and Jesse is the best vocalist there (but he's too chubby for those screaming fangirls, Oh-ho note sarcasm and disgust). Ugh, once those three are gone I'll stop watching, but until then... I'll just hope I can quit =(.

It's possibly a good idea for me to go to bed at this moment - 12:28, only 6 hours sleep... Phew. I need to organise my life some more.


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