August 04, 2005

Foggy Purple Sunset

Busy and Tired are two recurring words in this blog. They usually occur at the same time of the year.

Last weekend was the Big Arts Trip Thingy, I saw four plays: House Accross the Oceans, The Bach, Peninsula, and some other weird one that I can't remember the name of. They were all New Zealand plays, except the that last weird one (it was Australian), and they were all fairly good. I liked The Bach best (I think I was the anomaly on the trip; everyone else seemed to like Peninsula), Bach was just so incredibly Kiwi in everything that happened. They cooked and ate an entire meal onstage, and destroyed a public toilet with an axe. Plus, I have a thing for plays that only have one location. It would've worked great on TV. House Accross the Oceans was great physical theatre, as well as having a hint of Absurdism in there... Peninsula was very sentimental, set in Rural 60's NZ, so I identified alot with some of the stuff in that (Based on my experiences, and the stories that my parents have told me about their childhood). But The Bach had just that extra bit of specialness in it. Oh, and I played DDR for the first time - so much fun. I want one.

I gave up on my english research prject. Too little too late for me. Well, it's only 3 credits - 24 are available for this year in English, yet I can get 90 in Design (some of them including Level 6 =O). Design makes me happy, English does not.

Yesterday I handed out the scripts to the Year 11's for Wyrd Sisters; they're going to have auditions next Wednesday so that they can both learn about it, and I can see who is good for what. I have some idea of who I want for what, but there's other roles & people that I have no idea about. It seems that all the guys want to be Fool, which is odd... If I were in it instead of directing, I'd rather go for the Duke. He's much more fun.

This weekend I have an audition for Cosi - an Australian play about a guy that goes to a mental institute to direct a play, and the patients end up anting to do Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte. It's hilarious, and I really want to play Doug (the pyromaniac), but I dunno yet... Should be fun.
I also found out about a film that's being made in New Zealand, and they're (apparently) doing a country-wide search for actors (since they need schoolchildren). It's called The Map Reader, and I've sent an email off to them asking about it. I hope they reply soon...

Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we'll be performing Catherine's second play: Why don't Men go through Menopause?. It's a sattire on urban NZ women... and it's hilarious. I'm the nameless Husband - a metrosexual whom everyone thinks is gay. I bought a pink shirt for it today... How novel.

Oh, and next Friday is the Ball (yes, it deserves a capital letter). I'll be going to the Drama League tomorrow to get a suit - it'll be both inexpensive and entertaining. It's not nearly as big a deal this year as it waslast year, but still... Have to make some sort of effort.

After that, there's... well, nothing until exams. Crap. How dull.

I have to close the door. It's cold.


At 6:21 PM, Blogger Al said...

I auditioned for Cosi today and no sooner as I'd got home, the director rang up and offered me the role of Doug (which is the one I'd been wanting).

OMG, liek teh w00t w00t.


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