August 19, 2005

Cold in a Shirt

I'm still alive, in case you wondering. That is, if you all haven't got bored and left already. I was watching TV, and comparing two comedies I'd never seen before to myself: The Robinsons and My Life in Film. One impressed me, the other did not. Actually, the other one is really frustrating me. And that other one is My Life in Film.

I just don't find it funny. Maybe it's because I'm a twat and can't see all these film references that it's possibly throwing at me, maybe it's because of the overly-annoying music that blares through the background (is it trying to imitate a movie, or are they just doing it as an attempt at comedy), or maybe, just maybe it's because I find Kris Marshall particularly annoying. I never really liked him in My Family (which, now that I look back on it, was never very good in the first place), and in My Life in Film he's still that unbelieveably idiotic young man with no personality... I think I laughed once during that half hour, and even then it was only a small giggle.
The Robinsons, n the other hand, I found to be freakin' hilarious. Dark, Dark, Dark, and with a bit of Black... Then again, I am a huge fan of black comedy, so maybe that's why I liked that more. Oh well. I almost cried at one point, I was laughing so hard.

Also, this year's election is shit. It's nearly all personal - National's humourous-yet-shit-throwing ad campaign (Prime Moneywaster Helen Clarke), and the leader's speeches seem to mainly consist of How Great They Are As People, How Bad The Other Parties Are, and Winston Peters seems to be obsessed with Coalitions. It's all shit - why can't they just get over it & do something proper. I won't be able to vote, but I hope a majority of New Zealanders get sick of the election and end up either boycotting it or voting for minority parties. Or something. Fuck politics.
But don't fuck it just yet; I wanna say something else. How unfair is it that the policemen involved in Helen Clarke's motorcade of last year get fined & have criminal charges of dangerous driving when they were under the impression that they had to get the PM to Christchurch for an important flight (she only wanted to get to the rugby in Wellington); and yet the PM doesn't get involved at all. She doesn't testify, doesn't comment, and doesn't even seem to care. She even denies knowledge that they were travelling at high speeds... Pure bullshit. Thankyou, Aunty Helen. Of course, I'd rather have you as a PM than Dr Don Brash (I just love it how they use wonderful soft glows whenever he talks in his ads, it really makes him such a little angel; a bald, evil-looking angel that wants to eat your children), because he weirds me out... But that's not to say you're entirely loveable.
So yes, Fuck Politics with a Capital F.

I would comment on the events in the Gaza Strip but I really don't know anything about it other than it looks sad, really really sad. I kinda want to know more, but... I can't be bothered. There goes my caring spirit.

And as for the London Police cock-up about the 'suicide bomber', well, the entire world is turning into a political pisspot. Damn PC and it's laziness, I want my immorality.


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