July 13, 2005

I followed you up there, and you shot me. Hello, mortality.

Over the last few days, we've had a little person stay with us. No, not a dwarf (Although I wish he was), it was my cousin's son. He's 7. It was my first lengthy of children between the ages of 5 and 10 for a long time, and... I remember being 7 differently. Most of the time, I was thinking, 'Was I like that when I was 7?' - Geoffrey assured me that When I was 7, I was quiet and read alot of books - But he was just... so clumsy. It wasn't much different from talking to a four year old, except he had a much larger vocabulary, and he didn't scream as much. He grew quite attached to me for some reason, and followed me everywhere. And his attention span was so ridiculously short! He'd play the playstation, then come over to the computer, then go back to the playstation, leave it running for awhile when he goes outside for a walk, get tired of that and comes back inside, and have a moment's remorse when he finds that someone's switched the TV off.. It's difficult to explain, but it was fun anyway. Especially giving ridiculous answers to his endless barrage of questions, and let him figure out what the answer was for himself.

I even let him play FF7 for awhile, but he really didn't understand what the concept behind an RPG was. He wondered why I could put the controller down in the middle of a fight to get some chips (and Cloud continued him Climhazard), and also wondered why he couldn't run around as Barret. I told him Barret was already there, and then his mind wandered again (What good is asking questions if you never listen to the answer), and he asked if I could control all three people on the battlefield. I said I already was, and he asked How... I couldn't be bothered explaining, so I just said 'because'.

He did bring Jak & Daxter with him, and I played it for awhile - I decided that I wouldn't mind buying it, now that platinum games are so ridiculously cheap (They are! $25!), and I'll probably get all three. Great fun to play - Haven't played a good platformer in ages.

In the meantime, I got a cold and a bad cough. It's making everything weird again (Lemonade tastes like slightly acidic water), and I hate sleeping with a cold.

Right now I feel like watching Laputa, so I think I might. So long, etc.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Justin said...

That kid reminds me of how I was when I was 7...then again, I'd be be very afraid if I met a 7-year-old who was quiet and read a lot of books:)

The Jak games are great fun, you wouldn't go wrong buying them.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Ireny said...

Whenever I want to buy a game my sister makes sure it's strictly an RPG. I can't buy anything else. >_<

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Hstar hes a great athlete said...

Doing my hectanual find out whats goin on in al's head.
Must be holiday's. I luv marzipan's answering machine and thru that luv strongbad.
May I say...
Y havn't i seen nausicaa?
I won't 2 b like ur grandma
i won't 2 know y won't has an '
I think post here another day deserves a medal. speaking of which i've finally watched manchurian candidate only 2 months after getting it.
Ur ahem..new photo is kewl but would b better if it contained a coconut.
I really want to see the end of school of rock sum day.
We should get it out when we invade your house sometime this holidays.
I really should come work for you so as to earn around about $87.35 but id probably just slack off and run around your property looking for the huge bull and then your dad would be angry but still pay me because of my gorgeous locks. Seriously i've got the shackles.
I got a damn cold from micheal and he absolutely killed me in backyard cricket. That just dosen't happen. next time we'll play basetball.
I want foo fighters, but even more audioslave. And even more all the diferent versions of Ave maria I can find.
I also want your doublet from no more shakespear. Which makes me listen to talk show host by radio head and want romeo & juliet. Claire daines is hot in a plain kind of way. They should play heres to the night by eve 6 at the leavers dinner.
I think that little kid will be smart and has a creative mind or is ADD. Why do all boys of that age like platformers. Haven't they heard of duke nukem 2.
Seen as were both sick I should by a coconut and come around. Accept micheals working and I think I'd get lost if I were to attempt to find your house on my own. Maybe next week. Ring Mal sometime and then when she works out when she wan'ts to go out there then ring Ian and Michael and lastly ring me but no earlier than 11:23ish. Actually i've bi getting up at 10:30ish which is early for me but I still feel i'm wasting my holiday. Dear god it's allready friday.
Man I love rugby. So much fun. Man who's writing the blog here. I hpe this all fits. Here goes.

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wave o babies

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Bouble said...

Man I need a shit... Whoah thers my desert.

But seriously a quintets 5 riight?

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous bostwik said...

you should get your own blog RoxBra so you stop filling this one up with your mindless crap you should also learn how to spell MichAEl

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Al said...

I asked my Mum if you guys could work but she said No.... I'll have to ask her again.

Tuesday night's the plan Stan. I just have to ring everyone...


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