June 16, 2005

Jabbity Jab Jab

Attack of the dreaded Mengicoccal vaccine! Rargh!

...But not really. Today the mass vaccination reached our school. Some people fainted, some threw up. One went to hospital because of a reaction. I was annoyed becauseI only got to see a small part of School of Rock (They were showing it on a rather large flatscreen tv while we 'recovered' from the vaccine).

What annoys me is the tactics that they used to scare us to get the vaccine. They told us horror stories about Meningicoccal victims, stories of people losing legs and stuff. But then at the end they quietly said that 70% of all people who contract the disease come out unharmed, and only a small percentage die. It really really annoyed me that they didn't tell us how many people contracted the disease in New Zealand in a year or anything. And, if we didn't sign the consent form (like Catherine), they sent you pamphlets about the disease, pressuring you o change your mind. It's not even like an epidemic or anything. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but it seems like more people are falling ill from the vaccine than from the mengitis itself.


All support for Taryn for her surgery. Good luck!


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Ireny said...

At my school it's manditory. You're suspended if you don't get it, some girls were suspended for 20 days. I didn't have to get it though because it was right before I turned 15, which is the age before it was manditory. ^_^


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