June 13, 2005

Here Another Day (maybe)

So I'm sitting here, drinking my Milo and listening to Muse, and I'm thinking; Wow. I should really update my blog because it's been, like, about a month. So I come here, and I almost forget my username. Then I think; Wow. I actually have stuff to write about. Then this page loads and it's all blank and my brain does a fart and I have 3 consecutive sips of Milo because I have nothing better to do, and the mug is sticking to a piece of paper I'd laid down to serve as a coaster and no matter how much I move the mug away to escape the stickiness it still sticks, because there's Milo underneath the mug and it's wet and... sticking. And then I think; Wow, I just wrote a paragraph.

And then the song changes and I remember everything that's happened since I last updated, which was nearly a month ago.

On the 25 March, my Nana Cottle (That's my Dad's mum) died in hospital. It wasn't sad or shocking, because it'd been something we'd been expecting for awhile. Still, she was 95. I bet she would've liked to hold on for another 5 years - She wasn't the frail old lady that she appeared to be. Just as a tale of how active she was - Once last year, when Dad was up visiting, he found her out in the orchard in the morning picking feijoas and walnuts. When he asked her what she was doing, she replied:
"I'm pciking them to take them down to Levin for the old people."

Aww. Nana.

We went up to Levin the week after she died for the funeral, which was on Monday. Nearly everyone else was crying except for Geoffrey and I - All the cousins were talking about the memories they had of her, and everything, and I felt bad because I didn't have any memories apart from one of her serving us patte on crackers one morning, and of her house having a really cold, small shower. I hated that bathroom. It was that really bright blue colour, like the blue of the paper that my mug is sticking to.
After the funeral we went to Uncle Grahame's house, which he's recently renovated. It's got very high ceilings and takes awhile to warm up. There wasn't much to do there, and Grahame's kids occupied the room that had all the good food. Grahame's kids (Well, they aren't really kids, they're all grown up) are kinda snobby - But Dad's Sister's kids are cool. They're adults as well, but they're pretty much exactly the same as our family. We took a photo of all the cousins.

Spot the different family groups (There's 3).

The next day we went for a drive around the manawatu area, then I walked around the road that Nana Laird (Mum's mum, we were staying with her) lives on. I took some photos. Some look quite cool, others look quite shite.

I thought this bridge was fascinating. Dunno why.

For some reason I like taking photos of signposts on roads.

This sign was on a tree in the niehgbour's driveway. I thought it was an interesting racial statement from them.

Attack of the pasty face, but there's nice blue sky. I'll edit it and use it as my next display pic, because it's hella better than my current one.

On Wednesday took the train down to Wellington, where we went to the zoo and I took photos (lots of Otter photos for some reason). I saw a tiger and it made me happy (cats always do). The weather got gradually worse, and my parental units got confused by the bus system. Then we wandered around the main streets for awhile, and went back to the airport and took a plane home. I missed Lost, but got Duncan to tape it.

That was two weeks ago. Once I got back to school it felt like everything had changed - people, classes, lots of things. It even felt like I'd changed, but I can't explain how. It's all back to normal now, though.
Next week is mock exam week, I've got three exams (Drama, English, and Classics). I'm not so sure if the Classics exam is an actual exam or not, and the Drama exam is optional (Only 5-ish people in our class are doing it). And No More Shakespeare is two weeks after that. Then it's holidays, and we're over halfway through the school year. Pity it still feels like the beginning.

Damn. My Milo is all gone. I make a good Milo, if a little sweet. 3 heaped dessert spoons of Milo, 1.5 dessert spoons of sugar, hot water, milk. I'm not excessive in any way at all. I just need it to keep me awake ;).


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