May 18, 2005


Ah! E3 brings great excitement and makes me weep with excitement of new happy!

First, there's the PS3. Truly amazing... The design... The specs... *sigh*. And, as someone commented - "If you throw the controller, it comes back to you." I want my boomerang controller :). Much better looking than the Xbox360, but I've always been a Sony fan. Plus, I have PS games... and no Xbox games. Makes sense.

And there's the demo of the PS3 in action, and the things it can do... I'll have to watch that demo somewhere, instead of just looking at pictures.

Oh, and on Monday (before Stage Challenge) I was naughty and bought Grave of the Fireflies. I watched it last night, and it's unbearably sad. I don't know if I want to watch it again, but I have to.

Stage Challenge was good fun, in the end. After watching the video of us yesterday I thought we did pretty good, even though we got third. Craighead had hugely expensive costumes, and it was kind of annoying because they told the story by using voiceovers in their soundtrack (Isn't it supposed to be telling a story through dance & music?). Ashburton's was good, despite that they were slightly arrogant people.

Well, Lost is on tonight. Hurrah.

May 13, 2005

Miyazaki Rocks

Last Sunday I bought Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa: Castle in the Sky on DVD. I've seen them both in english and Laputa in Japanese, and I have to say I like Nausicaa more. Laputa was nice, but not quite as epic... Mononoke is still my favourite, however, followed (very) closely by Spirited Away (I just like the dream-ness of it). Nausicaa reminded me alot of Princess Mononoke, though.

Lost was all about Sawyer (Ep. 16, Outlaws). He and Locke are still my favourite characters. Next week's episode looks especially odd, with Jin (again) looking like a villian.

Especially tired in the last week. Need much time in bed.

May 06, 2005

The bitches and The bastards

But we do love these people, honest to goodness we do.
Even if they do push us down, hold us down,
Use us as rungs on their ladders of success.
Because in the end, when the curtain's fallen, we know
That if we take those rungs away, they'll fall,
And their little personal empires will fall with them.
Then, and then, and only then, can we use their broken bodies as rungs,
And climb toward the heavens on our own personal ladders,
And when we reach the top, we realise
We're not so different from them after all.
That is why we love them.

May 05, 2005

Yesterday was International Star Wars Day.

May the Fourth be with you.

But today is May the Fifth! And I, uh, I watched the Comedy Gala again!

I taped it from last night, because I wanted to go to bed early(ish). I ended up watching most of it.
It was on after Lost, and Lost provided one of the best episodes in a long time (Ep. 15, Homecoming). The one where Charlie shoots Ethan. I feel so sorry for Charlie and Claire. Next week it's all about Sawyer (Yay!). I've worked out my top five characters, I think:

1. Locke
2. Charlie
3. Sawyer
4. Claire
5. Sun

Jack, Hurley, and Kate would be higher; but I don't know enough about Hurley, Jack's too much of a hero, and Kate annoys me somehow. Michael and Walt are on the bottom - Unless they've changed since their flashback episode. They weren't in the last one.

Aww. Peanut Butter.

May 01, 2005

Windmill, Windmill for the land

My mouth tastes like cinammon, sugar, and some other strange flavour. I've just had Oddfellows. Smokers. Mum bought them when they went down to Oamaru (yesterday) for the ploughing champs (Duncan was there doing DB sponsorship, he was also on the news tonight). I opted not to go, because I hate long car rides with the family (we never talk), and it didn't sound particularly exciting.

So, I stayed at home and did nothing. I was almost alone - Lars and Rene were still here (they were packing up, preparing to leave)(they left this morning)(I was still in bed). It really was quite a dull day. I realised that I probably should learn to use Dreamweaver properly instead of just jumping in and getting annoyed at all the things I can't do, like I've done so often in the past. I read through No More Shakespeare again, and I still don't want to do it. It's too easy, and that makes it too hard to get a high grade.

Today I did some homework - I finished my Visual Diary's title page. I just took a photo of it, but it looks better on paper. I didn't realise writing down a coherent-yet-random string of thoughts was so hard and tiring on my hand. Duncan said I write tiny, but it's not that small.

And last night I cooked tea: Devilled Sausages, and Spaghetti with a cheese sauce. I thought the spaghetti tasted like poo (not real poo because I don't know what that tastes like, just poo in a general bad way); but Geoffrey seemed to like it so much he ate the leftovers this morning. And Mum asked me what I put in it - I don't know if that's good or bad. When I'm flatting I'm going to be living on Pasta, Mince, and Sausages because they're the only things I know how to cook.

And just now, I took a picture of myself. I don't know why, but my hair's been acting awful funny today. This morning it looked like a duck.

It doesn't any more, as you can see.

Hey! I should go to bed!