April 03, 2005

The Pope couldn't bear facing another Sunday

This morning I awoke with news that the Pope was dead. It was inevitable. But, I'm interested in seeing what happens now - Will there be scandal in the Vatican as the Powers that Be (Heads of the church, not the other Powers that Be) decide that the church needs to head in a certain direction, and the Pope becomes another puppet? Or will there be a Pope who is aware of social issues, and wants to advance the Catholic church for the good of the future?

On Friday night was the Year 9 & 10 social, but I think the Year 13's enjoyed it more than them. I wore a bunny suit (Frank the April Fool's Bunny)(Yes, that was Frank from Donnie Darko)(No, I looked nothing like him)(I wish I did, though), and it was good fun, but I accidentally left my CDs behind. I hope Jeffrey has them, as he was in charge of the music. I really really hope he has them. There were lots of CDs there.

I deleted that other Drama diary blog thing because it was hard to force myself to update. Goodbye Thespia! My monologue is written, and I'm now rehearsing. When I can be bothered.



At 2:51 PM, Blogger Matthew Wills said...

They plan to get a Pope of a different ethnicity this time to create social bonding. If its an african who speaks french, then by Nostradamus' predictions, it will be the end of the world.
Enjoy the final hours of humanity! ;)


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