April 29, 2005

So much to report!

Sorry, I lied. Nothing much has been happening at all.

It was the holidays. They're nearing the end now, and I haven't done anything much. Today (and yesterday) I was supposed to go to a Stage Challenge rehearsal, but we were, err, busy. Plus I couldn't have gone in anyway. There's another one on Sunday.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has opened. I really want to go. Really really.

Speaking of films, I went to Catherine's and we watched mucho DVDs:
-Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 (Blown away, damn cool; Tarantino is a directing God)
-Shaun of the Dead (I'm gonna buy this for meself, it was brilliant)
-Master of Disguises (Uurgh... Sorry Mal, but I found this really annoying)
-The Man with Two Brains (Never really been a Steve Martin fan, unbearable to watch)
-Under the Radar (Not very funny for a comedy. I fell asleep)
-The Ring (Not as good as I expected, I liked The Grudge better)

Holy crap. There were more, but I can't remember them. We also watched Season 2 of The Simple Life for a cheap laugh in the morning.

Currently I'm hoping like hell I can get into Natcoll in Wellington. I really think I won't. Even if I don't, though, I'm still moving up there.

*hope hope hope*


Sigh. School on Monday.

**EDIT** It seems that the Schiavo Livejournal degenerated into a slop of vulgarity in its final death-throes. How sad. Oh well.

April 03, 2005

This is hilarious =D

Terri Schiavo's Livejournal


**EDIT** I'm sorry if anyone found that link offensive. I personally found it very funny, and am glad that the author is expressing his/her views on Religion and Euthanasia in such a creative way.

The Pope couldn't bear facing another Sunday

This morning I awoke with news that the Pope was dead. It was inevitable. But, I'm interested in seeing what happens now - Will there be scandal in the Vatican as the Powers that Be (Heads of the church, not the other Powers that Be) decide that the church needs to head in a certain direction, and the Pope becomes another puppet? Or will there be a Pope who is aware of social issues, and wants to advance the Catholic church for the good of the future?

On Friday night was the Year 9 & 10 social, but I think the Year 13's enjoyed it more than them. I wore a bunny suit (Frank the April Fool's Bunny)(Yes, that was Frank from Donnie Darko)(No, I looked nothing like him)(I wish I did, though), and it was good fun, but I accidentally left my CDs behind. I hope Jeffrey has them, as he was in charge of the music. I really really hope he has them. There were lots of CDs there.

I deleted that other Drama diary blog thing because it was hard to force myself to update. Goodbye Thespia! My monologue is written, and I'm now rehearsing. When I can be bothered.