March 13, 2005

Things that do not start with Ca

This blog is not dead, merely hibernating.

Just now, I thought of some random things that I want to say:

My 5 Favourite TV shows Currently On:
1) LOST (Wednesday TV2, 8:30)
2) Kath & Kim (Sunday TV3, 7:30)
3) Scrubs (Wednesday TV2, 8:00)
4) Green Wing (Friday TV1, 9:30)
5) Joan of Arcadia (Is about to replace Tru Calling - Friday TV3, 7:30)

Lost is damn cool. I'm addicted. I've been addicted from the first episode, but I don't think I've said it before on this blog. I'm not making much sense right now because I' packed full o'sugar from the chocolate that I've been eating as a replacement for breakfast, etc - The fund-raising chocolate I've been selling for Stage Challenge. It's handy - Put $2 in the bag, take out chocolate, eat chocolate, be happy for a few hours. Mmm, Cadbury.

Here's something for other Lost fans: DriveShaft's (You All) Everybody can be downloaded from this site (Music->Bootlegs->Second Link). That's what I love about Lost - The creatos of the show create a fictional fansite for a band that doesn't even exist, and create a huge history. It's great. Wonderful, even.

Oh, and Green Wing is funny too.

Coupla more stuff -
-We've got a new kitten, we've named him Jack Daniels (JD).
-Heather's home for three more days, then off to Glasgow. I raided her CD collection and burnt alot of them.
-I saw Heavenly Creatures for the first time last night, another example of the brilliance of Peter Jackson. Then I remembered that I had seen Meet the Feebles, it was on TV when I was little. I don't think I was particularly disturbed by it at the time - all I can remember is a rat and a hippo with a machinegun at the end.
-Billy Connoly's World Tour of New Zealand is on right now but I can't be bothered watching it.
-I keep opening a new tab and exiting it for no apparent reason. I love Mozilla Firefox.
-End of stuff because I can't remember.

This year is going by so quickly. The spiders are everywhere.


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