March 29, 2005

Stupid Crappy Easter Chocolate.

Easter chocolate sucks arse. It tastes bad, it's expensive, and they wrap it up in a huge box and make it appear bigger than normal. But it's so much better when it's cheap.

We didn't celebrate easter(Well, not in the stuff yourself with chocolate way) this year. We had marshmallow eggs, but they were all eaten before Sunday came around. So today, we went into town, and I went in the hopes of buying some cheap but tasty chocolate - Damn, I was disappointed.

There wasn't much chocolate there in the first place, and what was left was the really-crappy-but-moderately-expensive-for-what-you-get type. You know, the box sets with novelty chocolate coins or toys or jelly/lolly/pure sugar things or other sweet and deadly stuff. I unhappily bought two boxes of the chocolate coin variety, because it was the best type there, and if you bought two of the same type, you only had to pay for one.

Well. Upon opening the box, I found that 95% of it was open space, the egg and coins supported by card panels. And when I actually started eating the chocolate, I instantly felt sick. I never knew chocolate could taste so bad! I've only managed to eat half an egg; the rest has been fed to Geoffrey (who doesn't seem to mind it). The chocolate coins weren't so bad, but they still weren't so good. I should've remembered that easter chocolate is crappy low-grade crappity crapcrap, but every year I get mystified by how good Cadbury chocolate* tastes. Hell, the thing I bought today is 140 grams for $5. The chocolate that gets sold for fundraising, which is normally viewed as a ripoff by people who buy it, is around 100 grams for $2. People are easily fooled by large boxes and bright pictures.

The day wasn't all chocolately doom and gloom, though; I managed to buy the first two Tadpole albums, nd I bought the director's cut of Donnie Darko. I am teh happy now =D.

* What I bought today was not Cadbury chocolate. I really wish it was.


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