March 22, 2005

Consequences of Being Lazy

Aaargh! Unhappy.

I've been lazy about many things the past few weeks - Social Poster Creation, Essays, Other homework, et al. Well, today these things came back to bite me in my metaphorical bum.

I didn't do that (silly silly silly) Othello essay, and My English teacher showed off her cold hard glare. When I asked if I could finish off an essay we'd done in class, she said "No." in a tone that would've slaughtered lambs in their sleep. I was scared, and I'm doing it now, because she's a nice lady when she wants to be and she bought chocolate off me. Plus, tomorrow she's cooking us pancakes (for easter), and I want seconds :P.

I was really lazy about doing the Year 9 & 10 Social Poster, and Shav must've got angry and made one herself, which was... adequate. I felt miffed, so I made one last night, but I was too afraid to show her in case she bit my head off. It's like the whole committee is down my throat because I haven't done anything, even though they aren't in any way. Must just be my paranoid nature coming through. I did give her the poster in the end, she liked it and is going to photocopy it tonight. The Social's only next week, though, so it really is a bit late (Then again, we've only sold 1 ticket or so, so we're all late starting to get things underway).

I need to stop complaining. It's unbecoming of me. I also need to get beans/peas from the deep freeze to cook for tea.
Also, when I got home from school I made myself some porridge and it tasted good. I <3 porridge :).

And Oh Yay Hurrah Hurrah! I found out that Natcoll does day courses in Dreamweaver! (w00t).



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