March 31, 2005

Comments R Us.

Note: I just removed the Haloscan comment box and we now have proper Blogger comments.

Not that anybody'll comment anyway. Lazy bums.

March 29, 2005

Stupid Crappy Easter Chocolate.

Easter chocolate sucks arse. It tastes bad, it's expensive, and they wrap it up in a huge box and make it appear bigger than normal. But it's so much better when it's cheap.

We didn't celebrate easter(Well, not in the stuff yourself with chocolate way) this year. We had marshmallow eggs, but they were all eaten before Sunday came around. So today, we went into town, and I went in the hopes of buying some cheap but tasty chocolate - Damn, I was disappointed.

There wasn't much chocolate there in the first place, and what was left was the really-crappy-but-moderately-expensive-for-what-you-get type. You know, the box sets with novelty chocolate coins or toys or jelly/lolly/pure sugar things or other sweet and deadly stuff. I unhappily bought two boxes of the chocolate coin variety, because it was the best type there, and if you bought two of the same type, you only had to pay for one.

Well. Upon opening the box, I found that 95% of it was open space, the egg and coins supported by card panels. And when I actually started eating the chocolate, I instantly felt sick. I never knew chocolate could taste so bad! I've only managed to eat half an egg; the rest has been fed to Geoffrey (who doesn't seem to mind it). The chocolate coins weren't so bad, but they still weren't so good. I should've remembered that easter chocolate is crappy low-grade crappity crapcrap, but every year I get mystified by how good Cadbury chocolate* tastes. Hell, the thing I bought today is 140 grams for $5. The chocolate that gets sold for fundraising, which is normally viewed as a ripoff by people who buy it, is around 100 grams for $2. People are easily fooled by large boxes and bright pictures.

The day wasn't all chocolately doom and gloom, though; I managed to buy the first two Tadpole albums, nd I bought the director's cut of Donnie Darko. I am teh happy now =D.

* What I bought today was not Cadbury chocolate. I really wish it was.

March 23, 2005


I'm looking forward to the long weekend. Hopefully, 5 days of break will do me good. Maybe I'll actually get some sleep, and be able to concentrate on something for longer than 5 minutes, and then I'll be able to write something for the monologue.

I really can't concentrate, there's little distractions that keep going everywhere. Can't... blegh. The pancakes were good. I liked my specially-made syrup that I cooked that morning before school. That gave me enough energy to run for another hour or so. I was supposed to go to a rehearsal after school, but I wouldn't have been able to do much if I had gone... I almost fell asleep on the way home in the bus. Besides, if I had gone I would'nt have been able to get home until late, causing me to miss Lost (which I'll have to watch again in the weekend due to the concentration issue).


March 22, 2005

Consequences of Being Lazy

Aaargh! Unhappy.

I've been lazy about many things the past few weeks - Social Poster Creation, Essays, Other homework, et al. Well, today these things came back to bite me in my metaphorical bum.

I didn't do that (silly silly silly) Othello essay, and My English teacher showed off her cold hard glare. When I asked if I could finish off an essay we'd done in class, she said "No." in a tone that would've slaughtered lambs in their sleep. I was scared, and I'm doing it now, because she's a nice lady when she wants to be and she bought chocolate off me. Plus, tomorrow she's cooking us pancakes (for easter), and I want seconds :P.

I was really lazy about doing the Year 9 & 10 Social Poster, and Shav must've got angry and made one herself, which was... adequate. I felt miffed, so I made one last night, but I was too afraid to show her in case she bit my head off. It's like the whole committee is down my throat because I haven't done anything, even though they aren't in any way. Must just be my paranoid nature coming through. I did give her the poster in the end, she liked it and is going to photocopy it tonight. The Social's only next week, though, so it really is a bit late (Then again, we've only sold 1 ticket or so, so we're all late starting to get things underway).

I need to stop complaining. It's unbecoming of me. I also need to get beans/peas from the deep freeze to cook for tea.
Also, when I got home from school I made myself some porridge and it tasted good. I <3 porridge :).

And Oh Yay Hurrah Hurrah! I found out that Natcoll does day courses in Dreamweaver! (w00t).


March 20, 2005

Promising News

From now on I promise I'll update this blog more often than once per week. At least, I hope I will. I've opened up a new blog called "She don't even know where Thespia is." (a line from Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters - It's been shortened to Where is Thespia on the Various Blogs bar to the right), to deal with what I do in Drama each day, since we're supposed to keep a record of what we're doing for NCEA. Barely anybody does, but I'll do it on Blogger so I force myself to update it, and it gives you a chance to see what I do (Even though what I do isn't much...). I've also changed a few small things here and there, because change is good.

In other news, I have been directed toward Rodney Hide's blog by the latest Netguide magazine - Rodney Hide is one of New Zealand's politicians for you overseas people, he's leader of the Act party, and I think he's the funniest looking politician we've got. He's about the only one who looks like he's got a sense of humour (apart from Winston Peters, but I don't like him much). From what I can see, he doesn't say much, but at least he does blog. Unless it's just his PA or something doing it for him (which I could believe). Actually, I think he's an agressive little man, but he's got more life in him than Helen or Donny.

Jack Daniels is growing at a phenomenal rate. Then again, we've had him for two weeks now (really? That went by quickly). He's sitting on my lap right now - yesterday, I had Biscuit on my lap and JD on my shoulder. They're getting friendlier, but JD still chases Biscuit sometimes. For a big cat (7 kg, biggest cat I've seen), Biscuit sure is a big wuss. He's always getting picked on by Joey, and now he's being menaced by a little ball of fluff. Poor thing.

I also began (finally!) to write my monologue today. Then I stopped because I hit a snag, went to eat some chocolate, and never went back. I still haven't written that Alexander essay, but I think that's over now; the Othello essay's still in my head as well, but I'm hoping (with the rest of the class) that she's forgotten about it. On Wednesday she's making us pancakes for easter. Yummy.

Coming soon: More frequent posts with less idle chat on the outside. Godspeed, little brain.

By Request II

**Warning: It is reccomended that you read through this post before starting to read this, otherwise alot of things will not make sense at all. This document was created under the same circumstances as the other one, and the two were written simulateously.**

Force Man!
Force Man wishes that he was better at Ping than Pong is at smelling bad because he really did smell quite chronically depressed. He was also obese. And couldn't Ping/Pong very well. He then stuck the short end up the long end and it went Bing! The machine grew very big, bigger than big even, but because we're frogs we can only count up to big, this is because frogs have eyes on sticks, which are useful when we need to poke people.
Ping frustrated Force Man by eating all his frogs. Force Man began to beat Ping around the nose in a highly suitable fashion. Because of this beating, Pongs, who shares a pair of legs with Ping, they fell over humorously
(?). Force Man helped them up and they all had pizza for lunch. Magical Trevor, the well known gynecologist, was bringing in the lamas that were eating beans, beans, beans, lotsa- Everyone loves Magical Trevor, 'cos the-
"But Trevor, you have no legs!"
So Trevor trotted off to the second leg shop and he discovered that his arm was in place of the watering tank down the street. He got his funeral sooner than expected, 'cos he caught tuberculosis from his arm's new friend Laura Green. But he wasn't actually dead as Catherine didn't succeed in killing him so he now lived in Limbo.
Force Man wishes he was a ping pong ball so he could live in Limbo too.
Force Man's wishes came true. He turned into an obese, chronically depressed superhero ping pong ball. But then Someone stood on him and crushed him flat.
"Oh no!" cried Someone.
Someone was surprised, because he had managed to squash a ping pong ball when it was twice as large as him. Someone - 24 years old - cut an apple and fed it to Force Man. But Force Man had his teeth broken when stood on by Someone. Someone decided to eat the apple him/herself. Sadly for Someone, being from Houston, s/he was healthy food intolerant and as a result of eating the apple his/her skin ruptured and split at the seams as if there were seams on a person's skin.
For some odd reason, an epic battle between Force Man and Max Density broke out. Force Man was still hungry because he had a bottomless stomach, so he ate Max Density. Due to Force Man's bottomless stomach he continued to fall for many centuries until he completed a circle and fell on Force Man's head. The confusingness of a ping pong ball being able to eat the most densest object in the world escapes the author at the current moment. But he cried anyway. They both cried. It was all very sad but the tears turned to gold and made them rich so they both decided to become pastors with golden tears. Unfortunately, the gold of their tears ran right back up into their skulls and they died a horribly golden death during a service.
Someone and Trevor went for a walk. This somehow led them to a table with a tiny net on it. They decided to play table tennis, so they dug up the stagnant body of Force Man. They then realised he was broken so they dug up Max Density instead. Sadly, before they could return to China, the heady fumes from the decaying Force Man made them trip out over a log. (Max Density does not decay because of his bucky ball structure, which is too dense for bacteria and enzymes to break down. Even gamma rays can't pass through. In fact, Max's only weakness is his love for anchovies, being tickled with a feather, and then a stakemade of garlic, silver and UV rays through his heart)(To date, only Cupid has managed to defeat him this way).
They eventually recovered and they found a table but it had no net. Trevor can only diappear things so could not produce a net, so they cried pathetically until Betty arrived with a baseball bat, which she used to 'pull the net out of the tree'. This fell out in a flurry of snow.
"It's raining!" screamed Trevor.
"Whatever Trevor." said Parvanana sternly.
So Betty, Trevor, Someone and Parvana (who came from Cuba) had a fight and then Parvana produced really fat cigars from her homeland. They all smoked them but due to the effects of tar in the smoke they all developed lung cancer and lived a long and prosperous life because Someone discovered a cure involving 3 french pigs and a Post-it note. Except for Trevor, who accidentally disappeared himself and nobody knew how to use his whip to make him come back, back, back from his magical journey. What did he see in the parallel dimension? He saw Force Mon, and they exchanged stories about their childhood dreams & aspirations.
But, back to Someone, Betty, and Parvana, who all owned conjoining condos in a high rise apartment and living off the millions of dollars that they had got when I sued the communist government of Cuba because of the effects of the fat cigars. They also ate lots of plums, without the skins.
HURRA- i mean, hurrah.
and so, in the wonderful world of dramysics, peace continued eternally. except for the incident in which betty used necromancy to resurrect force man as a zombie and take over the world, but this is boring and makes bad reading.
the national extreme jacks competition is coming up in the land of thespiouspus. sadly there is a communist nation between our heroes and the lucrative prize money.
"gasp!" said the peach, as he got stood on bad eggs, peaches squishing through semicolon cancer - also known as plot, who was lost long ago.


March 13, 2005

Things that do not start with Ca

This blog is not dead, merely hibernating.

Just now, I thought of some random things that I want to say:

My 5 Favourite TV shows Currently On:
1) LOST (Wednesday TV2, 8:30)
2) Kath & Kim (Sunday TV3, 7:30)
3) Scrubs (Wednesday TV2, 8:00)
4) Green Wing (Friday TV1, 9:30)
5) Joan of Arcadia (Is about to replace Tru Calling - Friday TV3, 7:30)

Lost is damn cool. I'm addicted. I've been addicted from the first episode, but I don't think I've said it before on this blog. I'm not making much sense right now because I' packed full o'sugar from the chocolate that I've been eating as a replacement for breakfast, etc - The fund-raising chocolate I've been selling for Stage Challenge. It's handy - Put $2 in the bag, take out chocolate, eat chocolate, be happy for a few hours. Mmm, Cadbury.

Here's something for other Lost fans: DriveShaft's (You All) Everybody can be downloaded from this site (Music->Bootlegs->Second Link). That's what I love about Lost - The creatos of the show create a fictional fansite for a band that doesn't even exist, and create a huge history. It's great. Wonderful, even.

Oh, and Green Wing is funny too.

Coupla more stuff -
-We've got a new kitten, we've named him Jack Daniels (JD).
-Heather's home for three more days, then off to Glasgow. I raided her CD collection and burnt alot of them.
-I saw Heavenly Creatures for the first time last night, another example of the brilliance of Peter Jackson. Then I remembered that I had seen Meet the Feebles, it was on TV when I was little. I don't think I was particularly disturbed by it at the time - all I can remember is a rat and a hippo with a machinegun at the end.
-Billy Connoly's World Tour of New Zealand is on right now but I can't be bothered watching it.
-I keep opening a new tab and exiting it for no apparent reason. I love Mozilla Firefox.
-End of stuff because I can't remember.

This year is going by so quickly. The spiders are everywhere.