February 13, 2005

Grab on while you can (And the day of the spider)

Nothing to be done.

School began, peer support started (peer support was mighty fun), peer support ended (finally), and twe started working. Well, almost.

For example, in Design the other day we drew shapes on coloured paper, cut them out, and stuck them onto other bits of paper. I drew a bunny and a house. They were supposed to be possible stamp shapes, but... Meh. Quadrilaterals are go.

My pet goat (Yogi)(Or is it Jogi...)(I don't know how to spell it, just say it) had kids - They were both dead, and one of them as only half-formed (the skin was slipping off and hairless and ew-ew, and it had a huge tumour goiter thingy in it's throat). I guess that's what you get for leaving the goats to do the dirty with their relatives.

On Friday it rained. Heaps. I had last period free, so I got a ride down to the library to look for Waiting for Godot (I'm actually going to be able to do it! Yay!), but it wasn't there. I then walked to catch the bus, and just as I was nearing the bus stop it drove past me, stopped at the bus stop to pick up people, waited a good ten second longer, and then drove off - I was only about 20 metres away. I was fairly damp at this time (Having been walking in the rain for 20 minutes), so I walked to Claire's (my sister's) work. She hadn't started work yet, so I rang Mum and got her to pick me up - I spent about 45 minutes in the rain that day. Oh, fun.

This morning in the bathroom there was a fairly large spider (by NZ standards) on the wall. I chased it down into the corner so it wouldn't get killed by anyone else. Just before, there was an even bigger spider in my wet T-shirt (The one from Friday), so I put it outside. I hate to kill things, but it's strange to see two big spiders in one day.

That's about all I can remember from the last... 3 weeks? Wow. There really isn't anything to be done. Oh, I bought Tyrannosaurus Hives. Good album, if a little short (30 minutes).

Jya ne.


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