January 16, 2005

Can't Speak, Too Busy Capitalizing My Words.

What a week. Or two. Two and a bit, possibly. Unfortunately, I've lost track of time.

I've got roughly 10 days of Holidays left, and then on Thursday the 27th I go to the first day of Peer Support Training, followed by more training on Friday. The next Monday I confirm my subject choices, and on Wednesday I enjoy(?) my first day of being Year 13, and serving a role model(apparently) for the rest of the students. Yaarrr!

On Tuesday the Eleventh, after the three days of rain, I was going to go back out mowing the paddock (something I had no idea how to do), and I went to tie up Aud (clydesdale)(short for Audacious), and I slipped in the shite and he got spooked, and kicked out as I was falling... Somehow his foot connected with my back, and I got the full force of the blow on my right-side kidney area, and flew about a meter. I walkde around for a bit, went inside to see what it looked like in the mirror, then went out to Mum to see if she thought it was bad... And the pain got worse (spine aching, hips aching, ribs stinging whenever I moved), so she took me to hospital a few minutes later. On the way, the pain decreased into a bearable pain (still stronger whenever I moved), and I waited 40 minutes in the waiting room.
I _hate_ Hospital waiting rooms. Then they took a blood test to see if my liver was alright, asked for a urine sample to check for blood, asked varioud questions, etc... I waited 2 hours to find out I was fine, and that I was just bruised. I went back home, and didn't do any work until today. It still hurts when I move, and it gets achy easily, but I'm getting better fast. I don't want to aggravate it anymore.
However, today Geoffrey forced my to do some mowing. I did an hour, and by the end I was a very slow walker. When I got home I went and lay dpwn on the bed and almost fell asleep. Tomorrow, Dad wants me to finish rolling the paddock that I started before it started raining, and I don't think I'll be able to do it. Rolling is bumpy, will jolt my spine, and stopping four horses is harder than stopping one. I didn't realise pulling required using muscles that went all the way down to my lower back. It's supposed to rain tonight, but I'll give it a shot. If I can't do it, I'm sure he'll understand. On my back is a hella cool yellowy green bruise, though.

I recieved my exam results, but I can't be bothered running and getting them right now... Wait, I can. They're not what I expected at all.
Anyway, in oder of the results I got on the sheet(Exams only) -

Grade Average - 82

Novel - Merit
Short Stories - NA
Film - NA
Unfamiliar Texts - Achieved
Grade Average - 85

Examine Sources - Merit
Force or Movement - Achieved
Individual or Group Identity - NA
Grade Average - 75

Algebra - Achieved
Non-Linear Graphs - Merit
Coordinate Geometry - Merit
Sequences & Series - Excellence (Wooo!)
Calculus - NA
Trigonometry - NA
Grade Average - 71

Mechanics - NA
Wave Phenomena - Achieved
Electrivity - NA
Atoms & Radioactivity - NA
Grade Average - 61

I have no idea what happened to the Physics papers, or in English (I only just scraped through to do it next year, and it's my best subject due to all the Excellencesthrough the year o_O), but Maths was a surprise. I thought I'd failed the entire thing :). ICT didn't have an exam. Overall, I passed NCEA Level 2 with 113 credits. Easy, that's 53 more than I needed. If the grade averages look funny, it's because I haven't put the internal assessment in there.

Mum said earlier today about how she was planning on putting me on this budget we'd talked about earlier in the year, to prepare me (of sorts) to budgeting and having a student loan (Course, I only have to repay this one with love and honest work) - So I gave her a book that had my subject choices for this year, which included all the payments for moeny and stuff I'd need to make, and she came back with a lump sum of $50 for every school week; which is far more than I thought she'd giv. So, on Monday the 31st, she's going to put $550 into my bank account and set me up with an Eftpos card. That's to pay for everything I need to buy - The only thing she's going to pay is school fees. Yay. Money (finally).

I also finished Chain of Memories last night, and I thought it was a great game. I don't think I'll go out and buy it (Yes, I am an evil ROM using maniac thing), but it was fun nonethless. It also got me amped up about KH2.

I started playing my FF7 Speed Game today, and after 28 minutes I'm at the Beginner's Hall place (It was the only place I could save at that time). I know that's not brilliantly fast, but I've still got a few tricks around to speed up the rest.

Now it's time for something political; Reeve recently posted this article on her blog, and I found it very sad. One of the first thingsI remember saying about this war was "I only hope they don't do anything stupid, like bomb Babylon." well, they came awefully close. I mean, honestly. How completely ignorant can they be? It's a freakin' historical site! One of the oldest ruins in the world! The thing that makes me sad, though, are the replies such as "I just don't care", and people claiming it as a sort of symbolic revenge for 9/11. It just pisses me off when people needlessly twist history to their own political advantages, turning the entire thing into a propaganda stunt. Grr.

Anyway, my back is hurting some more now, but it's probably because I'm hunched over like this. If I straighten up, it hurts again... I think I'll just go to bed, and continue reading that book I mentioned (I've been lazy and have only read a few chapters in the last week).

By the way, it's very very hot now. Apparently it was 40 degrees (C) in town the other day - the backs of my hands are sunburnt. While I do like Nor-west winds (They are our warm winds), when they make it feel like the inside of my eyelids are burning it's just a little too far.

January 10, 2005

Where is the Summer?

The last three days have been miserable wet.

The rest of the holidays, for the most part, have been miserable wet.

And we finished a jigsaw puzzle that Geoffrey started a few weeks before Christmas.

I got a book from the library - The Years of Rice and Salt, by Kim Stanley Robinson, and it's very interesting. It follows what could have happened if Europe had been wiped out by the black plague, and Asia beame the controlling power, and it goes right up until 2002 (I think). It's not a huge historical type novel - Only a series of stories with different characters. I'm not too far into it right now, though.

Since I'm so incredibly dull right now, I'm not going to write anything else.