December 09, 2004

Semicolon for President


There's alot of stuff been happening in the last two weeks, and I was going to talk about it (really, I was! Honest!) but I can't remember any details, only the fact that there was Mountainview Factor (My little brother's team came last equal)(out of four teams), and that was bloody fun. I didn't like the fact that I had to wake up early again though, and I was dead tired at the end of every day. Luckily, there were only 3 days.

Dad was in the hospital for a grand total of three weeks. He's back home now (well, not right now, because he's in town, but he was home), and he's very skinny and can't do much. It's good to know he's okay, though. I still don't know what exactly was wrong with him, something about his kidneys then his bladder then his stomach...

It's the opening of the Richard Pearce this weekend, and we have to take the horses in for the DB (beer) team. We've been busy cleaning harness, etc... Good fun (-_-). We're also putting them into the Santa parade (Because they can), and I'll take some photos. I hope.

I found my Haloscan password, so I've edited the comment box a little, updating the timezone and changing the name. I've also learned what that Trackback box does, but I've not had any cases in which I've had to use it, soo... It'll just stay empty for now. I also found a post from a guy called Kanibiz while I was on Haloscan (But doesn't show up on last post's comment box), saying that I'd grow up to be a pedophile. I'll just leave that comment with the username :).

There's an Anonymnous poster *points*. He's (She's?) interesting, but that's all I know about him. I just found out I could ban... it from the conment box, but I want to hear what's going on. And banning him wouldn't be very sportsmanlike ;).

I was thinking about writing something about how bands such as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, and singers like Hillary Duff, etc are absolute crap, but I think that's been done by many people... I'll just leave it :).

After reading through the comments history on Haloscan, there's quite a few comments that don't show up... Odd.

On a finishing note - The semicolon is your best friend. Use it wisely.


Edit - I found Kanibiz's comment! It hadn't disappeared after all! It was at the bottom of the September archives.


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