December 27, 2004

Circumnavigation of the Never-Ending Line

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time, but there's just nothing important to say. This blog will probably sit and rot for awhile... It's become a chore for me to write anything in here.

I've been thinking about starting up something like a Convoblog - Nothing but conversations (Both real life and online) to explain my day. It'll be more fun, and it'll also help my memory; as well as my ability to write convincing dialogue in stories (Which is sorely lacking).

Anyway, Christmas for me was lazy. Mum and Dad got me the LOTR EE DVDs (Oooh, look at all the acronyms), and Duncan got me a book of humourous quotes, Claire got me some shorts (I now own one pair :)).

About halfway through the day, everyone went to bed for a nannynap, which I found odd. I also made a cheesecake for dessert, but the filling didn't set properly (I added semi-frozen berries, which added water to it), and then I added mousse (which sank through the filling) and cream (which followed the mousse). Nevertheless, it tasted good, althougn not as good as the jelly I made (a layer of strawberry, then some gummi ring lollies, then some tropical jelly).

And that's all we did. Ate, slept, lay down, felt full. My new favourite foods are scorched almonds and pickled onions... Actually, I've liked them for ages, but I've finally realised it.

Yay for pickled onions =D!


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