December 17, 2004

Brave Note

Q: Why didn't I update at all this week?
A: I'm lazy.
But I did take photos.

Last Saturday (I think):
The parade was a good success, etc etc. The team came up the bay hill:

And then went to the Richard Pearse Restaurant.

It was like a big spectacle, there were lots of people coming in and gathering around and stuff. Geoffrey got a free handle, and he's only 14:

I felt left out, but I got free lunch because I was family.
Then we went round to Claire's flat after the parade, and I saw her kitten for the first time. He's called Harvey:

He bit my FotR book (I finally got it back from her drawer! Ra!), my finger, and the strap of Claire's bag (when it was on the table) and the bag fell on the kitten (which was on the floor). Laughter ensued. He's very cute ^_^.

For the rest of the week, nothing exciting happened... Oh wait, Bella had her foal. It's a nice grey filly, it has a name but I can't remember it right now. Piccy:

Alice's foal is now called Harold (which I think is a horrible name for a horse).

I finished FFV (Yaay!), and it made me want to play FF9 (Yaay!) So I did, but got sidetracked with what was on TV (a weird movie), and ended up being killed by an Axolotl (Booo!). I'm having fun :).

I'm sure there was more that I was going to write, but now that I'm here, I can't think of it. It musn't have been very important. The chicks are growing. Oh, the wonders of farmlife.

Wait! Christmas!
I... Don't want anything for Christmas this year. I'm not looking forward to anything, really. My plan of using the money that I'm not using for the failed holiday to buy presents for everyone (Christmas is about giving, after all :P) hasn't proved successful yet, but hey: We bought loads of food today, so at least we'll have something to eat :).

Hm. I thought this would be longer, somehow. Oh well.


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