November 17, 2004

Save the World from Cavities! =D

Ouch. Kingdom Come is the hardest mission EVER >_<. The one with the Spanked-up Madmen with explosives strapped to them running toward you... Ugh. It's disturbing, humourous, and annoying at the same time. One thing I know for sure; King Courtney isn't as friendly a person as El Burro. He's so rude. :( I think I may need to cheat and get a tank for this mission - depends on the time limit.

My Dad went of to hospital this morning - He was awake for the most of last night throwing up and couldn't sleep, and this morning (while I was sleeping in) my big brother took him off to hospital (without even telling Claire or me - who was also sleeping in). He's okay, he's got an infection or something in his bowel and he'll be in there for a few days. Claire and I were worried for ages this morning beofre Duncan rang...

The english exam went well, although I felt I didn't do justice to 1984. In fact, I can't even remember what I wrote throughout the entire exam... I can only remember that one of the questions involed the word 'pun'.

Tomorrow, I have History in the morning and Physics in the afternoon. I didn't study at all today (well, not properly). Call me a fool, but I couldn't be bothered... I did just print off some stuff about Lenin and the 1905 revolution, though - I can read through it tomorrow. Then I can study Physics bfore the exam, in the library - Hopefully I can get Rox to come with.

My exciting life just got a whole lot less exciting, it seems :\.


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