November 14, 2004

No! The small ones can't die, they haven't been injected!

Everybody's out working, thinking that I'm recording study notes. But I don't like the sound of my own voice, so I'm not recording anything >_<.

I made an AC wallpaper, but Geocities was being picky and wouldn't upload anything. so I can't show it off.

I decided that, for the essays in History, I'm going to write solely about Russia; The 1905 revolution for the event, and Lenin for the individual/group identity. Stuff the Americn Revolution, I don't feel like remembering too much.

The tractor broke today (Yay) so I don't have to go and roll the paddock, like I would've had to today. That makes me happy ^_^.

I suppose I should record something, though. The only program I've got is Audacity (it was free with the Netguide CD) and it'll work fine for me.



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