November 13, 2004

Friends, There is Life! Life Once More!

I feel so great!

Not because I'm feeling slightly better, not because it's holidays, and not because of other stuff. I just feel... Wheeeee!!

I feel like updating this more!
I feel like posting more in various forums!
I feel like RPing at the Citadel!
I feel like stopping the God-forsaken NaNoWriMo!

Yes, I've given up. started out lazy, and by the end of the first week I was 10,000 words behind. I promised myself I would then write 2000 words a day; which I did do. For two days. Then I got very very sick, and coldn't concentrate on anything at all. Curse you, Rox, for making me ill>_<.
So, I decided to just let it go for this year. My plot was going to pot anyway, I had restricted myself into a box with what the characters were supposed to do. Besides, the plot suck arse. If you want to read the whole 6000 or so words that I did write, I'll be happy to give it to you. Just ask.

I also discovered the joy that is Flying a tank around Vice City. Or just using the humorous cheats in general - It's so relaxing to sit on a bridge and watch cars glide quietly into the air...

I sytarted reading the citadel's current RP, and was amazed by Daorack's lack of abaility to use an Alternate Universe situation. he's just continuing with the story of FF7! Crap! Crapcrapcrap!

The Plushie Battle Network Forums are also up, but they're pink so I won't load top them. The pink may cause seizures, and I do not want to endanger anybody's health. I'll start to properly put all the stuff up at the end of the week, this week's going to be full of exams & study.

Speaking of Study, I did loads today. And soon, I'm going to record myself reading out the important Physics notes and put them onto a CD and repeat them while I'm sleepng. Anybody know if it works? I've done barely any study over the past week (Maybe 1 hour a day, on average) and I want to get these notes stuck in my head.

I went to see my Statcounter for this blog (Yes, I've got a Statcounter. You are being watched o.o), and it made the letter M. Up and down and up and down and up and down. It made me giggle on the insides.

Lazlow makes me giggle on the outside in GTAIII. I love Chatterbox, just as much as I love DoubleCleff FM. Geoffrey just jumped the Callahan bridge - Now he's on Staunton Island, attempting to get to Shoreside Vale. I picked up 50 passengers today, as well. It's ridiculous - Sometimes the Taxi mission is easy, other times there'll be a grest big line if Fish trucks parked beside the passenger or the destination. >_<


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