November 07, 2004

A busy, very busy week


This week has been riddled with complications, surprisingly many for the last week of school. Monday and Tuesday were fine. I had no troubles - The only thing that bothered me was I didn't write anything on Monday ngiht in my novel at all. It was only until Tuesday night that I decided to write something - An excerpt can be found in the link to the right.
Thursday was a half-day, we got our reports and mine was good. Just averagely good. I was happy :). Thursday night was prize giving, in which I got a prive for History and a prize for English, as well as the cups for History and English in 6th Form. I was happy with that too.

There's a pain in my left elbow and the right side of my hip hurts when I stand up.

Friday began well. I went to Michael's place at around 1, we watched Akira and I got confused. It was still a good movie, though. Then all of us played with Lego for around 5 hours while watching Mal play GTA3, and we let off some disapointing (But inexpensive) fireworks that night. I got home, and Geoff informed me that he'd bought GTA3 from a friend for $45 and was getting Vice City for free, so that his friend could buy San Andreas.

On Saturday I woke up late. Nobody was in the house. I had breakfast, and I wasn't doing anything else so I decided to play Vice City for a bit - Mum pulled out the plug (The plug for the TV, VCR, and PS2 are in the other room). I decided to go and do some study, since Mum was quite obviously in a bad mood, and didn't do anything. The mail came, so I went out to read that; Geoffrey took the whole of the back, Dad was reading something else, and Mum was looking at letters, so I took the front. Mum ordered me to give some to her.
I said "Am I not allowed to read the paper?" She didn't say anything, but I gave her the front. She then said it was unfair that Dad didn't have anything to read, so she told me to give him the Sports section. I was left with a thin slice of the Lifestyle section, and leafed through it in a few second because there was nothing of interest. So, I went onto the floow and stole some of Geoff's paper. While I was reading it, Dad was talking to Mum about what he was going to do that day - it left me alone. Mum cut in and said that they'd "have me on the computer and the playstation all day... You've got to give them something to do, otherwise they'll just sit around."
I was annoyed! She was talking about us as if we were animals directly in our hearing range! I felt like saing something, but I'm not one to pick fights, so I walked out of the room and lay on my bed and got frustrated.
Then we worked for most of the day. Geoffrey began to play Vice City later that night, and Mum pulled out the plug again.

Today, much of the same thing happened. Mum took away the PS2 this time (Not that it means much) and was just generally excercising her control skills. I eventually got bored with everyone's foul temper and began to take photos of random things... I guess this just proves that one bad egg can ruin the whole barrel. -_-.

I don't think I'm supposed to be on the computer right now. It's an illegal activity, I guess. Here's hoping that Mum's in a better mood tomorrow, so I can actually write something.


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