November 25, 2004

Give Me Back My Soul.

I have no idea what I'm doing. I feel like absolute crap; I've spent the last two days sitting in front of the TV playing various games, getting bored, watching horrible programs, playing the games again, repeating, again, again... Ugh.

I would've gone online, but I get online and there's nothing to do. So I go offline. And I proceed to intoxicate myself with sandwiches, and get dehydrated while eating juice mix sugar crystal things.

Gah. Hopefully I'll get some fresh air tomorrow. Hooray for Little Mount Peel.

Actually, I now think I know why I'm feeling so miserable, aside from the fact that the only social contact I've had for the last few days are with my brother and mother - It's because everyone else online is acting like a right git. It's sad and frustrating - Everyone's lives are becoming shit. I hate it. Yes, I sound like the annoying person who's trying to make his life sound worse than it actually is, or trying to compare sorrows, but... I feel like banging my head against a brick wall for a few minutes.
Or maybe a pillow.

Maybe it'd help if I get away from the internet for awhile.. Or at least, the people who're miserable. I can see how Taryn's feeling, though; about being scared of people. Or maybe I can't. I don't know.

Aargh, Shut up, idiot. You don't know what you're talking about.

November 17, 2004

Save the World from Cavities! =D

Ouch. Kingdom Come is the hardest mission EVER >_<. The one with the Spanked-up Madmen with explosives strapped to them running toward you... Ugh. It's disturbing, humourous, and annoying at the same time. One thing I know for sure; King Courtney isn't as friendly a person as El Burro. He's so rude. :( I think I may need to cheat and get a tank for this mission - depends on the time limit.

My Dad went of to hospital this morning - He was awake for the most of last night throwing up and couldn't sleep, and this morning (while I was sleeping in) my big brother took him off to hospital (without even telling Claire or me - who was also sleeping in). He's okay, he's got an infection or something in his bowel and he'll be in there for a few days. Claire and I were worried for ages this morning beofre Duncan rang...

The english exam went well, although I felt I didn't do justice to 1984. In fact, I can't even remember what I wrote throughout the entire exam... I can only remember that one of the questions involed the word 'pun'.

Tomorrow, I have History in the morning and Physics in the afternoon. I didn't study at all today (well, not properly). Call me a fool, but I couldn't be bothered... I did just print off some stuff about Lenin and the 1905 revolution, though - I can read through it tomorrow. Then I can study Physics bfore the exam, in the library - Hopefully I can get Rox to come with.

My exciting life just got a whole lot less exciting, it seems :\.

November 14, 2004

No! The small ones can't die, they haven't been injected!

Everybody's out working, thinking that I'm recording study notes. But I don't like the sound of my own voice, so I'm not recording anything >_<.

I made an AC wallpaper, but Geocities was being picky and wouldn't upload anything. so I can't show it off.

I decided that, for the essays in History, I'm going to write solely about Russia; The 1905 revolution for the event, and Lenin for the individual/group identity. Stuff the Americn Revolution, I don't feel like remembering too much.

The tractor broke today (Yay) so I don't have to go and roll the paddock, like I would've had to today. That makes me happy ^_^.

I suppose I should record something, though. The only program I've got is Audacity (it was free with the Netguide CD) and it'll work fine for me.


November 13, 2004

Friends, There is Life! Life Once More!

I feel so great!

Not because I'm feeling slightly better, not because it's holidays, and not because of other stuff. I just feel... Wheeeee!!

I feel like updating this more!
I feel like posting more in various forums!
I feel like RPing at the Citadel!
I feel like stopping the God-forsaken NaNoWriMo!

Yes, I've given up. started out lazy, and by the end of the first week I was 10,000 words behind. I promised myself I would then write 2000 words a day; which I did do. For two days. Then I got very very sick, and coldn't concentrate on anything at all. Curse you, Rox, for making me ill>_<.
So, I decided to just let it go for this year. My plot was going to pot anyway, I had restricted myself into a box with what the characters were supposed to do. Besides, the plot suck arse. If you want to read the whole 6000 or so words that I did write, I'll be happy to give it to you. Just ask.

I also discovered the joy that is Flying a tank around Vice City. Or just using the humorous cheats in general - It's so relaxing to sit on a bridge and watch cars glide quietly into the air...

I sytarted reading the citadel's current RP, and was amazed by Daorack's lack of abaility to use an Alternate Universe situation. he's just continuing with the story of FF7! Crap! Crapcrapcrap!

The Plushie Battle Network Forums are also up, but they're pink so I won't load top them. The pink may cause seizures, and I do not want to endanger anybody's health. I'll start to properly put all the stuff up at the end of the week, this week's going to be full of exams & study.

Speaking of Study, I did loads today. And soon, I'm going to record myself reading out the important Physics notes and put them onto a CD and repeat them while I'm sleepng. Anybody know if it works? I've done barely any study over the past week (Maybe 1 hour a day, on average) and I want to get these notes stuck in my head.

I went to see my Statcounter for this blog (Yes, I've got a Statcounter. You are being watched o.o), and it made the letter M. Up and down and up and down and up and down. It made me giggle on the insides.

Lazlow makes me giggle on the outside in GTAIII. I love Chatterbox, just as much as I love DoubleCleff FM. Geoffrey just jumped the Callahan bridge - Now he's on Staunton Island, attempting to get to Shoreside Vale. I picked up 50 passengers today, as well. It's ridiculous - Sometimes the Taxi mission is easy, other times there'll be a grest big line if Fish trucks parked beside the passenger or the destination. >_<

November 07, 2004

A busy, very busy week


This week has been riddled with complications, surprisingly many for the last week of school. Monday and Tuesday were fine. I had no troubles - The only thing that bothered me was I didn't write anything on Monday ngiht in my novel at all. It was only until Tuesday night that I decided to write something - An excerpt can be found in the link to the right.
Thursday was a half-day, we got our reports and mine was good. Just averagely good. I was happy :). Thursday night was prize giving, in which I got a prive for History and a prize for English, as well as the cups for History and English in 6th Form. I was happy with that too.

There's a pain in my left elbow and the right side of my hip hurts when I stand up.

Friday began well. I went to Michael's place at around 1, we watched Akira and I got confused. It was still a good movie, though. Then all of us played with Lego for around 5 hours while watching Mal play GTA3, and we let off some disapointing (But inexpensive) fireworks that night. I got home, and Geoff informed me that he'd bought GTA3 from a friend for $45 and was getting Vice City for free, so that his friend could buy San Andreas.

On Saturday I woke up late. Nobody was in the house. I had breakfast, and I wasn't doing anything else so I decided to play Vice City for a bit - Mum pulled out the plug (The plug for the TV, VCR, and PS2 are in the other room). I decided to go and do some study, since Mum was quite obviously in a bad mood, and didn't do anything. The mail came, so I went out to read that; Geoffrey took the whole of the back, Dad was reading something else, and Mum was looking at letters, so I took the front. Mum ordered me to give some to her.
I said "Am I not allowed to read the paper?" She didn't say anything, but I gave her the front. She then said it was unfair that Dad didn't have anything to read, so she told me to give him the Sports section. I was left with a thin slice of the Lifestyle section, and leafed through it in a few second because there was nothing of interest. So, I went onto the floow and stole some of Geoff's paper. While I was reading it, Dad was talking to Mum about what he was going to do that day - it left me alone. Mum cut in and said that they'd "have me on the computer and the playstation all day... You've got to give them something to do, otherwise they'll just sit around."
I was annoyed! She was talking about us as if we were animals directly in our hearing range! I felt like saing something, but I'm not one to pick fights, so I walked out of the room and lay on my bed and got frustrated.
Then we worked for most of the day. Geoffrey began to play Vice City later that night, and Mum pulled out the plug again.

Today, much of the same thing happened. Mum took away the PS2 this time (Not that it means much) and was just generally excercising her control skills. I eventually got bored with everyone's foul temper and began to take photos of random things... I guess this just proves that one bad egg can ruin the whole barrel. -_-.

I don't think I'm supposed to be on the computer right now. It's an illegal activity, I guess. Here's hoping that Mum's in a better mood tomorrow, so I can actually write something.