October 08, 2004

Something funny happened on the way to the ICT room...

After Physics today, when Rox and I were walking toward ICT, we were intercepted by our english teacher - He wanted to see us. So we waited. And waited. And then he asked us if we'd plagerised our film reviews from the net. I was incredibly annoyed.

He'd given me a Merit; one of the criteria for Excellence was to convincingly show opinions/ideas or something, and he didn't feel convinced that it was my own work. I told him it was, and that I was completely against plagerism, and he said Oh. He didn't think I could write something like that; he especially uoted the line "Joe Hisaishi’s erratic piano provides an excellent sensory backdrop, and the main theme floats quietly around the pivotal scenes."; and asked me to define the word Anime. He was insulting my intelligence, and I was severely pissed off at him. Because of the fact that I was writing at a level of a proper reviewer, he wasn't happy that it was my own work.

But then he changed it to an Excellence after 15 minutes of convincing, and I was happy again. But after that he started to ask Rox - and this I didn't understand. Rox's was hand written, for goodness' sake! He even had a few spelling mistakes! AAARGH!

Bleh... Atleast now I feel good about it; considering I had only read that review once, and had barely even tried. But he made me miss out on half of ICT, and it was our last day on schematics and I haven't finished :(.

Reading that Blogger news piece, I decided that what was on it was a good idea, and it would encourage commenting by you guys because my ego needs stroking otherwise my head will shrink and I'll cease to exist. So, think of three photos that you want.... Anything that I can take. My room, my foot, something I can take a picture of. Nothing dirty, please :\.

Tris: I really have no idea about that stat box. No idea at all. Sorry =|.


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