October 04, 2004

It's finally done!

An hour ago, I was severely pissed off at my computer, because I had just done 4 hours work on the drama assignment, and it had decided to close on me.

Now, it's all done and all I have to do is print it off. I think I chopped off a fair few words (It was just under 10 full pages last time, now it's 9)... But it doesn't matter. My title page is a bit bare, but it's kin of pretty (Mostly white space, with a small band of text across the middle).

That's about all.

I had the most exciting ICT period ever, my computer wouldn't log on so I sat and watched Rox type bullshit for an hour. Please, note my sarcasm.

All the homework I was worried about didn't happen - It didn't matter anyway. Mr Wulff has given us a week's grace for the History assignments (That's 3 terms now)(Bles him) on account of him not being there to teach us. It's so good having him back ^_^.

I noticed today, just before I drank from it, that my drink bottle had mould floating in it. I promptly threw it in the bin when I got home :|. Now I have no drink bottle and the days are getting warmer.

We got our English exam results back - I got Excellence for two, Merit for one, and a Not Achieved for the one I got bored on and wrote about bananas. I was fairly happy, considering that I didn't even try to write good stuff in two of them, and he found them deep and insightful - He even went out of character and started to talk about higher-level English stuff in one of them, just as something that I'd only hinted on. Yay for me, and Yay for Ian too becuase he got an Excellence in one without trying as well ^_^.

I've only got 4 more weeks ofwearing my uniform, and then it's into mufti! Hurrah! I can finally wear pants that are comfortable, and I don't have to get blisters on my feet!

Keisha Castle-Hughes (The girl from Whale Rider) has a role in Prince's latest video clip - As a suicide bomber. I didn't particularly mind this, it shows that Suicide bombers have lives & everything just as we do, and thin what they are doing is right, but lots of people are against it, saying it just generates more fear. I have yet to see the full video (I've only seen small parts of it), but as I'm not a fan of Prince I do't think I'll be watching it oer and over.

I wish Mountainview had a Media Studies class >_<. I would so take that next year. Along with Psychology. But... meh.

Anyway, that's all. You can go back to your lives now, the announcement is over.


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