October 31, 2004

I can't be bothered.

I was going to say something more detailed here, but I can't be bothered with it. The needless grammatical challenge on my already tired brain. So I'll just make points with little stories on them like a small book.

- I have 5 characters for Porcelain Hands. w00t.
- I got a Merit in Improvisation. Oh goody.
- I threw up this morning on my bed. I blame the dream I was having and the position I was sleeping in. Mum blames the amount of time I spend on the computer.
- Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has been announced. I don't know what to think. Somebody tell me what to do about it.
- There's a guy called Heyburt at the Citadel forums (Which are looking swanky now, instead of archaic and annoyingly green) that makes me laugh. I wish he would go away, his rumour mill is going to close down soon otherwise.
- Jake is talking to me. Hello, Jake.
- Nobody's online except for Matt (Who I am strangely not having a conversation with), Seb, and Jake. Except Seb and I aren't talking much, just making small comments about aforementioned rumour mill.
- Sleepy Hollow was on before. I do so love that movie. I knew Steve Waddington's face was familiar - He played the British Major in Last of the Mohicans.
- I think the buck that got cast in the poplar gully down the bottom of the farm will die. He looked pretty bad when I got to him, I think he'd been there a few days. But hey, at least he'll be able to die sitting upright.
- I began a new game of FFTA with a Viera-only clan. It's good fun.
- Goodnight, goodnight. I hope I feel better tomorrow. My eyelid is burning.

October 24, 2004


On Friday, Dad took the horses & wagon down to Waimate (42 km away) . Yesterday, they were in the heritage festival parade, and today they're coming back.

It all went well. The float came second in the historical section, but there was no prize. Geoffrey and I had to walk on either sides of the street in case the horses got spooked or something, but it didn't happen. I got in the way of many photos and cameras, though, and got quite a few rude looks (And some rude words).

Jam filled Donuts are nice.

I've also entered the NaNoWriMo competition - The aim is to write a 50,000 word novel during November. I have my exams during November, so this could be potentially very tricky. However, 50,000 words divided into 30 days is only 1667 words a day, and that makes it alot easier to look at.

The whole creative process and headaches will be documented in my Porcelain Hands blog - To the right, top of the links.

I have a few ideas right now about what's going to happen, but I really don't know. My biggest worry is the exams during it.

The Citadel's messageboard is horrible right now. I don't even want to go there; it's giving me a headache. Realm is very quiet, as usual, and the boards at GameFAQs (Especially the Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children ones) squeeze no joy from me.

In short, I'm bored.

In short - I'm bored.

October 20, 2004

It's not working.

I have some problems.

1: I can't do my english assignment. I have to reasearch a language topic, but I can't think of anything. I was initially going to skip it out (Since he'd already 'given' a deadline on Monday), and he hadn't mentioned it all week... But today, he says he wants anything else in tomorrow. I don't know if I should do it (I was going to do The Language of Fans)(Those are handfans from the 18-19th century) but there's just not enough information. Bah, I've passed English with flying colours this year, and I've already got too much work with exams and all.

2: I can't send any invitations with Gmail. It's really really annoying. Firefox doesn't seem tor ecognise the red text down the bottom as a link, and I can't even get into my account using IE. Grrr.

3: Nothing is happening. Exams arecoming, it's nearing the end of the year. I should be feelingstress. Or relief. But I'm just... bored. I wake up every morning and feel tired. School & the subjects in it have become too mundane for me to even bother with; today in maths I resorted to filing my History notes just for some variation to the monotony. At least Drama is keepng me fun & original, as well as sane.

In other news, I've added www.guppy.tk to my links, it's s messageboard for people from school - You(Online friends who read this) are more than welcome to go there, I think, but you probably wouldn't like it a hell of a lot. And I may possibly get some new readers of this from that board... Not that it matters much anyway.

Okay, now it's almost 10. Goodbye, English project! Toodles!

Hehe. Toodles rhymes with Poodles.

October 14, 2004

Paranoia and Release

That event with the review and the plagerism and the accusations came back full circle this week, in the form of one of my own wild thought patterns.
On Monday, He (English teacher) told us quite plainly that he had discovered (via the wonders of the internet) that people had cheated in the reviews, and that they had all received big fat Not Achieved's. This made me anxious - he had accused me of cheating before this, and I had been honest and told him it was mine. Then he kept looking at me during the entire plagiarism turn-yourself-in-soon-or-i'll-smash-you speech, as if he'd 'found me out'. My thoughts immediately turned to my blog - The review is written here, and could be found with Google.
So, as soon as I got home, I went onto Statcounter and checked. Sure enough, there was an entry directly on the review, with a not-seen-before IP address from New Zealand. I got worried. unfortunately, there was no referring link, but I was sure it was him. He'd found that post and thought I'd copied it from the internet.
For the next 2 days, I thought of confronting him, asking him if he'd searched for my review. I felt hurt, that he couldn't respect me, thought I was dishonest, and didn't think I was intelligent. Aargh.
Of course, on Wednesday, we got back our papers. Excellence of Not Achieved? As it turns out, I must be incredibly paranoid inside my tiny little head. I got an Excellence. He trusted me. He still asked me if it was mine, but he did that to everyone... But bloody hell, it was a relief.

In the past week, I've completed 3 Assessments, two of which have been bugging me for a long time.
I said awhile ago (I think) that I'd created a diary. Well, last night I finished the Miner's Guide (The other half of the assessment), and handed it in; Two terms after it was due. *sigh* It's so good to get it out of the way. And I'm not going to do the Amritsar Massacre BBC broadcast thing, because I don't have the time or the software to do it at home. Well, properly at least.
The Restoration Performance was today, and it went.. okay. I don't actually know what to say about it... People said it was good, but I thought I was craptastic. Meghan noticeably forgot a line (Bless her ^_^), and I needed a drink badly, and I shuffled around a bit like I usually do, and my capital I's won't capitalise o_O, but Mrs Grubb came and said I got an Excellence, depending on my written work. I told her I didn't think so, and she said something about my Malvolio (Yay Malvolio) being a higher excellence than my Faulkland (Yay Faulkland)... And I said Mm.
And then in ICT I finished the schematics one, which wasn't wuite so big, but now we're onto webdesign and it's ridiculously easy.

Oh, and I just finished Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and immediately started a new game. It's so much fun, I wish there was more of it... I can't wait for Warrior Within.

October 09, 2004

Thankyou Bravenet!

Your account has been deleted!

Thank you for being a Bravenet member.

And thankyou, Bravenet, for not telling me that you no longer allowed remote image linking. What wonderful customer service you have. I commend you.

Anyway, that's all.


October 08, 2004

Something funny happened on the way to the ICT room...

After Physics today, when Rox and I were walking toward ICT, we were intercepted by our english teacher - He wanted to see us. So we waited. And waited. And then he asked us if we'd plagerised our film reviews from the net. I was incredibly annoyed.

He'd given me a Merit; one of the criteria for Excellence was to convincingly show opinions/ideas or something, and he didn't feel convinced that it was my own work. I told him it was, and that I was completely against plagerism, and he said Oh. He didn't think I could write something like that; he especially uoted the line "Joe Hisaishi’s erratic piano provides an excellent sensory backdrop, and the main theme floats quietly around the pivotal scenes."; and asked me to define the word Anime. He was insulting my intelligence, and I was severely pissed off at him. Because of the fact that I was writing at a level of a proper reviewer, he wasn't happy that it was my own work.

But then he changed it to an Excellence after 15 minutes of convincing, and I was happy again. But after that he started to ask Rox - and this I didn't understand. Rox's was hand written, for goodness' sake! He even had a few spelling mistakes! AAARGH!

Bleh... Atleast now I feel good about it; considering I had only read that review once, and had barely even tried. But he made me miss out on half of ICT, and it was our last day on schematics and I haven't finished :(.

Reading that Blogger news piece, I decided that what was on it was a good idea, and it would encourage commenting by you guys because my ego needs stroking otherwise my head will shrink and I'll cease to exist. So, think of three photos that you want.... Anything that I can take. My room, my foot, something I can take a picture of. Nothing dirty, please :\.

Tris: I really have no idea about that stat box. No idea at all. Sorry =|.

October 04, 2004

It's finally done!

An hour ago, I was severely pissed off at my computer, because I had just done 4 hours work on the drama assignment, and it had decided to close on me.

Now, it's all done and all I have to do is print it off. I think I chopped off a fair few words (It was just under 10 full pages last time, now it's 9)... But it doesn't matter. My title page is a bit bare, but it's kin of pretty (Mostly white space, with a small band of text across the middle).

That's about all.

I had the most exciting ICT period ever, my computer wouldn't log on so I sat and watched Rox type bullshit for an hour. Please, note my sarcasm.

All the homework I was worried about didn't happen - It didn't matter anyway. Mr Wulff has given us a week's grace for the History assignments (That's 3 terms now)(Bles him) on account of him not being there to teach us. It's so good having him back ^_^.

I noticed today, just before I drank from it, that my drink bottle had mould floating in it. I promptly threw it in the bin when I got home :|. Now I have no drink bottle and the days are getting warmer.

We got our English exam results back - I got Excellence for two, Merit for one, and a Not Achieved for the one I got bored on and wrote about bananas. I was fairly happy, considering that I didn't even try to write good stuff in two of them, and he found them deep and insightful - He even went out of character and started to talk about higher-level English stuff in one of them, just as something that I'd only hinted on. Yay for me, and Yay for Ian too becuase he got an Excellence in one without trying as well ^_^.

I've only got 4 more weeks ofwearing my uniform, and then it's into mufti! Hurrah! I can finally wear pants that are comfortable, and I don't have to get blisters on my feet!

Keisha Castle-Hughes (The girl from Whale Rider) has a role in Prince's latest video clip - As a suicide bomber. I didn't particularly mind this, it shows that Suicide bombers have lives & everything just as we do, and thin what they are doing is right, but lots of people are against it, saying it just generates more fear. I have yet to see the full video (I've only seen small parts of it), but as I'm not a fan of Prince I do't think I'll be watching it oer and over.

I wish Mountainview had a Media Studies class >_<. I would so take that next year. Along with Psychology. But... meh.

Anyway, that's all. You can go back to your lives now, the announcement is over.

October 02, 2004

Butterflies and Hurricanes

everything you are
and everything you were
your number has been called
fights and battles have begun
revenge will surely come
your hard times are ahead

you've got to be the best
you've got to change the world
and you use this chance to be heard
your time is now

let yourself down
don't let yourself go
your last chance has arrived

you've got to be the best
you've got to change the world
and you use this chance to be heard
your time is now

I particularly like this song. It's as if it's lying to itself - The tune is in complete opposite to the lyrics. I particularly like the piano solo, although I feel that the end is a bit weak compared to the middle.
I still want Muse's Absolution, and why the hell is this box not Word-wrapping. o_O

It's the holidays, and I should be saying so little has happened. But in reality, that is a lie. So much has happened, I just haven't taken the care to notice it - It hasn't been important/of enough significance to remain in my head. I once thought it was important perhaps, but it hasn't stood the memory test of time (Of a few hours).

Yes, I will write this out in Wordpad, Mr I-won't-wordwrap-anything-you-type-so-you-can't-see-the-stuff-you-just-wrote.

Friday 24th was when I last updated. It is now Saturday night. That gives me eight (8) days to think about before I close this window.

On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, nothing amazing happened, except I did talk with Venny extenively about FF7, as well as Geostigma & Jenova, resulting in her being able to write her theory and me being inspired more to start writing Pale Horse (aka, That Hojo fic I was going to do). I won't start it until my last exam finishes - 30 November.

Speaking of exams, I have done very little study, except for some Maths and Physics. Specifically, Algebra and Waves. I can't bring myself to studying this early, and I know I'll regret it in the future, but Bum to it all. Big Big Bum.

The Cait Sith mascot is finished, I can't be bothered doing anything more to him. Here's a pic of him -

I'm quite proud of him, I'm not very experienced in pixel art, nor very good at it.
If you want to get the full dude, then just IM me. You can Download the base Otaku Mascot program from another post down there somewhere.

I've started to do my drama assignment today (Restoration Theatre), it took me three hours to write 1244 words, and I've successfully completed the first section (Social/Political Background)(Sans formatting). Now there are two more to do - The Play, and The Theatre. They won't be quite as big, mind you. I hope I can get them finished on time, I don't want to be up late tomorrow night before I go back to school, otherwise I feel like utter shit in the morning and can't get up. It's supposed to be in on Tuesday. I think I'll make it.

Many others haven't even started, and we've had 11 weeks. Maybe 12. I think it was 12.

Possibly, it was 9.

You know, I have no idea whatsoever.

Do you know what's bizarre? Outkast's Prototype has been stuck in my head for an age. I'm not a fan of hiphop or rap, but I would say this song has more a soul/funk flavour to it. The only reason I'm mentioning this is because it's on the television and it's making me do a funny dance in my chair.

I've taken an interest in Absurdist Theatre, specifically Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. It's very bizarre, and I wouldn't mind performing it. Maybe next year.

And now is the grand time in which I leave, I think. I'm not sure.

Maybe, if I stay here, something amazing will happen.

Maybe it won't.

Will it still happen if I go to bed?

Will I miss it if I go to bed?

I go to bed every night and nothing amazing happens. Therefore, if I stay up on the computer all night, something amazing is bound to happen.

Maybe Citadel_Guard (see This Board) will get some common sense. (I am Square Donut, the only one who seems to notice Citadel and his obnxiousness).


But I doubt it.

Goodnight fair world.