September 19, 2004

Say Hello to the Rug's topography...

Yeep, I'm listening to A Perfect Circle again =).

Final Fantasy VI
I've been playing this quite frequently again - After catching up to where I was (Just before the End of the World), and playing some more, I'm currently about to go see Gungho. I'm enjoying it much more than I did last time; I think it's because I haven't got the Moogle Charm on and I'm acually playing. I'm also not using Setzer - It's a whole lot easier with Sabin instead of him. Go Bum Rush!

The case of the Missing WWOOFer
On Wednesday we picked up a Japanese WWOOFer (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), Toshi, and she came and stayed with us. This morning, we awoke to find that she'd packed up and disappeared. We think she walked away about 5 this morning - We rang a distant neighbour, and found out that she was there, ordering a taxi, and that she was going to bus down to Queenstown. We later foundout from Julie (Another WWOOFer) that her boyfriend was in Queenstown, and that he wasn't replying to her emails or calling her. It was... bizarre o_O. She could've told us. As it turns ut, she wasn't even a registered WWOOFer.

End of school!
I was laughing when I got on the bus on Friday afternoon. I felt so relieved - the term was over, and I could relax. I'd survived :). We had ice-cream in History because it was Mrs Cook's last day as well, and we watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which was alright, but a bit corny. Man, Shaun Connery is kewl ^_^. We initially sytarted watching IHoneyI, but that was crap.

Cait Sith! Cait Sith!
He's in Dirge of Cerberus! Hurrah! (Down the bottom, in the right corner).

That makes me happy, I finally see a picture of him ^_^. Pity I can't see his face. But Yay! Reeve is ALIVE!!!, along with most of the AC fans, are WRONG! w00t!

On again, Off again. It's snowing.


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