September 01, 2004

Bwahaha. You know how some of you have claimed that I'm such a nice person and have never been a bastard? I'm going to break that tradition for just a sec, in case Catherine is ever going to read this again.

Remember on August 3rd, I wrote an entry entitled 'New Stuff'. In it was this -
"What really really pisses me off is, in another group, Kale Hocking played the same character he's always played, and got an Excellence >_<. I should'nt be spiteful, but... Ehh."

Well, I gave Catherine a link to this blog because she was wondering what blogging was. She read the above, and so began the following convo: (She is "*almost elegantly wasted* o_O"; I am "Binky Binky Boo")

*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Have u wrote about me in it?
Binky Binky Boo: Nope.
Binky Binky Boo: I think I mentioned Ian once, but I'm not sure.
Binky Binky Boo: Actually, I may have mentioned you in it about the devised script.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Mention me... say I am the love of your life, or the bitch of your life... or something.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: dont say whore
Binky Binky Boo: If I said bad things then, don't kick me - they were my feelings at the time.
Binky Binky Boo: The archives are down the side. You can check if you want.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Thats cool how do i find th eone wtih devised script
Binky Binky Boo: Dunno, have a look.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: agust rite?
Binky Binky Boo: Maybe *shrugs*
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: do ppl read this?
Binky Binky Boo: Not people from school. Mainly other people I know from online.
Binky Binky Boo: August 3rd has some rant about Kale.
Binky Binky Boo: Nad him getting Excellence.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: thats fucking weird,.. and scary. do they actually have lives like I literally mean lives... which they have... instead of reading urs.
Binky Binky Boo: I read their lives ^-6.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: would d u get
Binky Binky Boo: ^_^*
Binky Binky Boo: Merit.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: i got excellence .
Binky Binky Boo: (Y)
Binky Binky Boo: You deserved it. I felt that Kale didn't, though, becasue he played the same character as always.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: who?
Binky Binky Boo: Kale. He didn't change much, it was just Kale on stage.
Binky Binky Boo: Not that I was any better, mind :).
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: mrs grubb said it was sooo real that it was frightening.
Binky Binky Boo: I felt Sonjia made ours very unreal.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: no comment. didnt c end.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: i wrote a play
Binky Binky Boo: Hurrah! I started writing a parody script in English.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: mrs. grubb, laura, jenny and i are in it.
Binky Binky Boo: Ah (Y)
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: its about aids and regret, and freedom, despair and innocence.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: its odd you call mrs grubb elizabeth
Binky Binky Boo: I only do it occasionally.
Binky Binky Boo: Sometimes I call her Grubby.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: read ur kale rant.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: ... wasnt a rant just a quick back stab kinda and then u forgot about it. quite deccent of you.
Binky Binky Boo: It's a rant for me. I'm not very experienced at ranting anyway :).
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: lookn 4 stuff about me. the story of my life.)
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: where do u reckon bout me? i dont care if ts mean. i have a diary and i rwrte worse stuff than that in it.
Binky Binky Boo: I think you are a person that makes life too complicated for herself.
Binky Binky Boo: You think & worry toommuch, and when you don't worry you end up worrying about the stuff you didn't worry about :P.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: i think u r the boy who uses tactful witty comments here and there because u think u r much more intelligent than u actually are. You pretend u dont get jealous or be an arse when to be honest u do. Blogging is proof:D
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: :)
Binky Binky Boo: Bwahaha! That's so much like me :).
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: I thought si
Binky Binky Boo: (Y)(Y)(Y) Plus a (pi) for Insight.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: (I)
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: lol i was only pissing round. dont b mad
Binky Binky Boo: I also make false excuses when I want to get away from a situation, but everybody does :). Binky Binky Boo: I'm off to play The Sims. Bye!
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Its okay I am going to worry about the rest of my life. Which is far more intelligent than pretending to play the sims.
Binky Binky Boo: lol
Binky Binky Boo: Seyou
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: bye

Needless to say, I was not worried. She said the truth - sometimes I do think highly of myself, and occasionally I do bluff my way out of situations with comical remarks.

But when I went online just recently, I was surprised to find that Catherine had sent me an email with this link in it. I read it, and was surprised and slightly amused.

The conversation was completely changed round. In the hopes that you are reading, Catherine, I reply with this -
"I went to see his Blog thing- which he explained to me. Where I found he had made illegtimate comments about my best friend in the whole world"
How on God's green earth was that comment illegitimate? It isn't unfair - It is my honest opinion. Kale's acting in that scene was quite honestly boring, and I felt that he didn't deserve that Excellence.

who stood by me , when Alastair never did."
Granted, we have grown apart this year, and we've both changed. But go back to a time before that - When you thought Kale was a bastard, and wouldn't support you when you went up to Wellington. Even Rox filled in for him. Or don't you remember back then?

He then began to analyze me..."
No, no I did not. Look closer at the above conversation. You asked me what I honestly thought about you, you didn't care if it was mean, and I replied with what is an honest opinion about you.

"and telling me bla bla how I worry too much and when I run out of things to worry about I just worry that I have not worried enough."
You must be mistaken. I thought I said that you made life too complicated for yourself, and then worry about it. I then said that yo sometimes didn't worry, and then worried about the things that you didn't worry about - ie; not thinking about something and then regretting what you did. I certainly didn't say that you worry about not worrying enough, that was a judgemental error on your side.

"Alastair u are so far up your own peak that all you can see is small stuff which has no importance in life. I dont care if I am a worrier, or if I am irrate, or bitchy, or controlling... atleast I am in the valley and I can see the big pic and dont box or catergorize the shit out of you..."
You say that I think too highly of myself? How can you say that, when you always want to talk about yourself? Every moment in that convo where I said something about myself was ignored, you just went straight onto another topic. To be honest, I don't fucking care if you wrote a script. You do that kind of thing all the time. I can't see how you can say that I categorize the shit out of people when you're the one who's mood towards people can change so suddenly.

"and for the record. Kale Hocking deserved that Excellence because he was in my performance and we rocked. He worked his arse off and deserved it!!!"
I based my opinion on his acting, not on his rehearsal, because I obviously couldn't see that. But I did not feel that his acting was Excellence level. as this is my opinion, you have no right to say that it is false.

Catherine, you used to be one of my good friends, but in the last few months I have seen you in a completely different light. Maybe you've changed, maybe I've changed - But to be truthful, we don't get along together very well now.

You are bitchy. You are controlling, You are a scheming, lying, whiner. I'm sorry your aunt has cancer, but what else except "Ah" can I say, especially since we barely know each other any more? This is how I feel about you, Catherine. And I'm not sorry about it. I hope you read this.

PS: For those others of you who were wondering, the script is one called "Finally Frustrated", and it's a stage play of a FF7 parody. I hope to finish it sometime.


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