September 01, 2004

Racism, Feminism, and a touch of vinegar for my lungs

Again, the post title has nothing at all to do with the content. It's just attractive.

Today was wonderfully warm; a sure sign of the good springly things to come this spring. It made me feel good, and the air was already really nice ^_^. It also smelled like chips when I got off the bus - an added bonus.

Something smells like burnt rubber - I think it's tea. I hope it ends up tasting better -_-.

I found out today that the credits I can earn from CDT & CST next year total 99 - Only 80 are needed to pass NCEA Level 3 ^_^. That kicks definitive arse, it means I barely have to try next year. Hurrah!

Oh, and I remembered the idea I had for Stage Challenge; then I thought how crap it was. I'm really liking Sonjias idea on racism, though - so long as we get away from racism and just turn it into something about social systems. Laura wants psycho ballerinas, like in Christina Aguilera's (absolutely horrible) Fighter video. I thought that would look styly :).

Nothing much else happened today.

But I'm still drinking Coke ^_^.


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