September 13, 2004

New things, Old things.

It's funny how some things come back to you.

On Saturday night, I was cooking tea - Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Halfway, I got a call from a drunk Catherine; she made no sense for 5 minutes (And informed me that Kale was cooking soup and was going to burn the house down, as well as the fact that she'd drunk a bottle of bourbon that day). Since she had nothing important to say, and I knew she was just pissing me off, so I hung up. I really was fed up with her.

She rang back later, just to tell me that:

"We all think you're an arsehole, we love you, bye!"

I hung up again.

They soon ran back, but in their drunkeness had forgotten that when you ring somebody up you usually talk to them afterwards. I hung up again, and went online so I wouldn't be bothered. That was all from that story. I'm amazed at how badly they've taken the entire thing, how they're dealing with it, and I want to know what their opinions are on the matter as well as who believes them. It's quite interesting.

Anyway, away from my paranoia for a while. I've been thinking of a different career choice - one that would be more academically interesting than the one I've got right now. So far, I have two plans -
~Go to Natcoll and do a Diploma in Webdesign, and maybe another one in Graphic Design or Internet Technology.
~Then, once I have that base setup, and if I'm still interested, I want to fly up to Auckland and pursue an acting career.
Alternatively (This is the one Ive just been thinking of) -
~Go to university (Ooooh) and do a degree in English or Psychology. I've always been interested in psychology, particularly beliefs and opinions, and I've been thinking about English alot as well. I don't feel that the other career path fully justifies the intellectual ability that I once had. I dunno.

Today I got my Physics exam results back - GOOD SWEET LORD IT MADE ME FEEL GOOD. I passed everything! Hurrah!

I also thought about what I'm going to do my research on for English - we have to research a language feature. I really want to write an essay on Logic, but I dunno if it counts. Hell, it's much better than writing about the exclamation mark or l33t speak o_O.

I'm also adding something to my DeviantArt account - photography from when I used my poi. It's old, but I haven't put anything on there for a long time.

Anyway, I best finish what I'm doing and go to bed. Night all.


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