September 07, 2004


I just watched the start of an episode of Six Feet Under - it was the funniest thing I've seen all day. A whole lot of blow-up dolls were filled with helium and accidentally released into the sky, and a woman not far away saw them and thought they were angels. She ran out onto the road, praising god, and was hit by a car ^_^.

AJ, the American revolution is the war of independence - when America became a seperate nation from England. The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, all those people. Don't they teach it to you in school?

The History exam went well, I remembered alot more than I thought I knew. Today's drama exam was a little worse, because I spent 3/4 of the time drawing a stage design for Ophelia Thinks Harder, 20 minutes on a review, and 5 minutes completing another thing about Shakespeare.
The Physics exam was funny. I thought it was only 2 hours, but it turned out that it was 2.5. I had no ride home, so I rushed through it & finished early so I could get the bus home. I told the eacher in charge that if I didn't catch the bus I'd have to wait another 2 hours - so she let me go. In the Waves section, there was an entire part on lenses, which I had no idea to draw diagrams for but I did know the equations. I also didn't think they'd be any displacement-time graphs (Since there was only 1 page in the book), so I had to bluff my way through that question.
I love the fact that they're mocks, it means we don't have to try ^_^.

I've got English and Maths tomrrow & Thursday, then we're off to Christchurch to shop and possibly perform. I need to ask Mum for some money -_-.

Earlier this night I opened a sachet of Raro, and ate it all. It was good. It hasn't hightened my enegery in any way yet, but maybe I won't be able to sleep tonight... I'm dead tired now, though.

I've also decided that I won't further spoil myself about Advent Children, Final Fantasy XII, or Kingdom Hearts 2 anymore. Instead, I'll keep up with The Third Age, which gets released in 56 days. Advent Children is hard to dodge around, because of th latest news outpour from Venice, but I'm succeeding so far. I did read a report from Venice about it, but it didn't contain much... It made me very confused though.

Also, Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris are in another game - Itadaki Street: Special. It's a monopoly-type game created by Enix. It also has YRP in it ^_^. I think I'll get it just for the entertainment value (Whatever happened to entertainment in FF games?).

The Plushie Battle with Matt also helped me finally explain how the game is played - Up until then, even I wasn't sure of how it worked. But now I am. It makes me feel good. I can't wait until it's up and running, but I think Dave wants me to create another forum theme for the board.


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