September 03, 2004

And the faeries came, rejoiced, and left him naked on the dance floor.

No, there were no faeries or rejoicing, nor was there any dancing or nudity. There was just me in a pink bikini with some very old hats.

How could I follow up a ranty, negative thread like the previous one? Especially since I don't feel that way at all - and now I'm getting torn to bits by everyone. Karma, I guess :). However, I don't regret posting that - One of my rules of blogging is never to delete a post. I have no regrets of posting it either, because I knew it would have consequences. The (few & minor) consequences make me feel sad, but I'm taking them.

Firstly, I could see Catherine & Kale whispering inthe corner today, and I heard the word 'blog'. I felt bad, because I don't like people hating me.

Then, Catherine had obviously told Mrs Grubb (I don't know if she's read the prevoius post yet, I don't think she has otherwise she would've confronted me). Mrs Grubb called me into her room and said she'd been told that I'd been writing nasty things about Kale & Catherine on the interent, and then gave me a lecture on never writing down anything that could be used as evidence against you, followed by an anecdote, then the "I'm very surprised and disappointed by you, I never thought somebody as nice as you would do that" line, and then she repeated a few things again.
I... got slightly annoyed that she was intefereing with personal business, and that she was trying to be my mother.

Then when I went to rehearse in the auditorium, Mal asked what Mrs Grubb had wanted to talk about. I told everyone the story (Only Sonjia, Laura, Jenna, Mal, and Sara were there) the story, and after I'd finished Mallory started looking at me coldly and left (I think she went to the toilet). She didn't speak to me for nearly the rest of the period, and I didn't know if it was caused by that or not, but I'm not particularly worried. When History came along, everything was back to normal.

Actually, I don't think Catherine has read the previous blog yet, because she has been as normal toward me as ever and we've occasionally talked. She is a nice person, but Lordy, the things she does get on my nerves sometimes.

On the upside, today is a Friday, and next week I have exams. So, I've got lots of 'study' time (I'm only concerned with the Physics and Maths exams), what with net week off and all. We're also travellng to Christchurch next Thursday - I hope I'm not in the same van as Catherine, Kale, or Mrs Grubb :\. I don't particularly want an akward confrontation.

If you're reading this, Catherine, or Kale, then I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I really am.


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