September 24, 2004


I made a Cait Sith mascot ^_^. He's unfiinished (All he does right now is twitch his tail & wrinkle his nose + mrow when clicked), but he's still very cute ^.^;;;

Vewnny: I was going to check your links, and I remember seeing, but then I had to go to bed. Thanks, though - Now I can get all the FLCL pics I need ^_^.

That's about all I've been doing recently - Making mascots and bumming around. It's alot quieter around here without Geoffrey; none of his Guinea Pigs have died, and it's raining.

And the lambs are out. We have 4 pet lambs (Tracey, Boris, Something I can't remember, and an un-named one), and two calves; Brutus (I think), and Julius. I've never had pet calves before, all our cows have been good mother up until now.

Today's connection is running very slowly indeed.

I still haven't done anything with the shirts & transfers, I'm too scared.

...It feels like I should be saying things in this blog that incite coversation, and make opinions about things, and find random articles ont the internet that create debate (Such as Jake's post on Magic + Christianity at The Realm) - But I don't. I'm not that kind of person. I'll just go find at entertaining site like Orisinal and play ^_^.

Over and Over and Over and Over and Maybe Out now.

September 20, 2004

Otaku Mascot Madness


I downloaded the Otaku Mascot program from here, and now I have GIR (From Invader Zim) sleeping quietly above this window ^_^.I want to create my own mascot, but I don't know what to make.

Today I went shopping. Clothes shopping. It was good fun, I picked up some bargains :).
First I went to the OpShop (Yaaaaay!!!), and bought 3 quite nice short-sleeved shirts - One needs a teeny bit of mending, but it'll be okay. I also got a trenchcoat (Purely for novelty reasons, I'll never wear it). I also got some transfer paper, and some white T shirts; I plan to make a Kingdom Hearts and a FLCL shirt. I'm having trouble finding a pic of Haruko, though - there just doesn't seem to be the right one.

Geoffrey's off to Cambridge (NZ Cambridge, not UK Cambridge) tomorrow. I wanted to go up to Christchurch to drop him off, but I have to stay home and plow (plough? I don't know) a paddock :(.

Gir just woke up ^_^.


Nothing else is happening. How wonderful.


September 19, 2004

Spirited Away - That review I wrote :S

There seems to be a growing trend in today’s animated film industry - Take some talking animals, add some clichéd characterisations, throw in a bunch of overused morals, season it with humour and wrap it up in a bag marked ‘Instant Hit’ - Then proceed to drill it into the general public with millions of dollars of marketing and an unnecessary amount of hype. It is particularly refreshing to find a high-quality film that does not follow this formula; Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is that film.

Spirited Away (Or Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi) is a successful movie. There is no doubt about it. It was the first anime to be nominated for and win an Academy Award, it was one of the few movies to break the $200 million mark in the Box Office before being released in the US, and it is the highest-grossing film in Japanese box-office history - more than $234 million. Miyazaki, acclaimed director of other works such as Grave of the Fireflies and Princess Mononoke, again tells us a story. He doesn’t attempt to force it down our throats or make it painfully obvious; simplicity is a key factor in this film.

The plot is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz - A young girl gets caught up in a bizarre world of magnificent beasts and beautiful scenery, and attempts to find her way home. However, Spirited Away is much more than that. Instead of following those storylines, he creates a different world altogether, weaving in Chinese and Japanese mythology and customs. 10 year old Chihiro and her family are moving to a new house, when they take the wrong turnoff and end up in an abandoned amusement park. They decide to take a look around, and discover an unattended banquet - Chihiro’s parents sit down to eat, but Chihiro doesn’t want to, and wanders away to explore. She discovers the bath house - the setting for most of the film, and meets Haku, who warns her about being here. Darkness descends and she runs back to her parents, only to discover that they have somehow been transformed into swine. Scared and confused, she runs and meets up with Haku, and discovers that the only way she can escape with her parents is if she works in the bath house of the spirits. Here, however, she pays a hefty price for her contract - the removal of her name.

While this story may seem initially trivial, it leads into something much more sincere due to the wonderfully original characters. Yubaba, with her humongous head; Boh, her giant baby; Lin, the fox-spirit who befriends Chihiro in the bath house; Haku, the young boy who seems to have two personalities; and the Radish Spirit, a… well, a giant radish. The plot, and the bizarre character mix, help portray Chihiro’s development throughout the film, from a whinging young girl to a strong, mature individual.

One of the many complaints about Japanese films in the western world is the translation and voice acting - it is usually plain bad, as the movies aren’t taken seriously enough, and are overacted. However, the western release of Spirited Away was overseen by Disney, and a quality cast was assembled. Daveigh Chase (Lilo & Stitch, The Ring) creates a believable, likeable Chihiro, and is supported by Jason Marsden and Susan Egan. The translation from Japanese to English did have its bad points, but overall the English version maintained the depth and beauty of the Japanese version. There were some scenes in the Japanese version that were infinitely better because of dialogue reasons, and it didn’t ‘sound’ right in English - but it still managed to pull it off, even if it did sound slightly corny. Some additions were made to the English track - murmurs in the background, some different sound effects, etc; and in that small way it was better than the Japanese track.

Of course, there is the animation - and compared to many other animes around, it is breathtaking. The background scenery is intricately detailed, and completely hand-drawn, which is rare these days. There is some excellent cinematography by Atsushi Okui, scenes such as the flower-covered corridor and Yubaba’s palatial rooms in the top floor are memorable. Joe Hisaishi’s erratic piano provides an excellent sensory backdrop, and the main theme floats quietly around the pivotal scenes.

One common misunderstanding today is that animated movies are for children - this movie is not. It contains no ’adult’ themes, but to truly come to grips with it it needs to be understood properly, and it can’t be understood properly by a child. It also contains supernatural themes and a low level of blood - This is not a movie just for children.

A complaint that I have heard is that there are large periods in the movie where nothing is happening; well, if high-action films are appealing to you, you probably won’t like it. But, Spirited Away is a film that tells a story, and stories will always be remembered.

I haven't read this since I wrote it (At 2am Thursday), but I thought I'd just put it up.

Say Hello to the Rug's topography...

Yeep, I'm listening to A Perfect Circle again =).

Final Fantasy VI
I've been playing this quite frequently again - After catching up to where I was (Just before the End of the World), and playing some more, I'm currently about to go see Gungho. I'm enjoying it much more than I did last time; I think it's because I haven't got the Moogle Charm on and I'm acually playing. I'm also not using Setzer - It's a whole lot easier with Sabin instead of him. Go Bum Rush!

The case of the Missing WWOOFer
On Wednesday we picked up a Japanese WWOOFer (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), Toshi, and she came and stayed with us. This morning, we awoke to find that she'd packed up and disappeared. We think she walked away about 5 this morning - We rang a distant neighbour, and found out that she was there, ordering a taxi, and that she was going to bus down to Queenstown. We later foundout from Julie (Another WWOOFer) that her boyfriend was in Queenstown, and that he wasn't replying to her emails or calling her. It was... bizarre o_O. She could've told us. As it turns ut, she wasn't even a registered WWOOFer.

End of school!
I was laughing when I got on the bus on Friday afternoon. I felt so relieved - the term was over, and I could relax. I'd survived :). We had ice-cream in History because it was Mrs Cook's last day as well, and we watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which was alright, but a bit corny. Man, Shaun Connery is kewl ^_^. We initially sytarted watching IHoneyI, but that was crap.

Cait Sith! Cait Sith!
He's in Dirge of Cerberus! Hurrah! (Down the bottom, in the right corner).

That makes me happy, I finally see a picture of him ^_^. Pity I can't see his face. But Yay! Reeve is ALIVE!!!, along with most of the AC fans, are WRONG! w00t!

On again, Off again. It's snowing.

September 15, 2004

The end of the Catherine Saga.

Well, it's all over now.

I just got an email from Catherine - I won't go public about what was in it, because she may not want that to happen, but I feel alot better.

Bah, there's too much noise to concentrate on anything - I can't think. I can't type, either.

I'm trying to write a review on Spirited Away for english; it just isn't working. The reason is above - I can't think, and my hand is cold. It's not the movie that's a problem, I've seen it enough times to know nearly everything about it, it's just that... bleh. I can't be bothered, I think I'll wait until everybody goes to bed & there's some peace and quiet.

September 13, 2004

New things, Old things.

It's funny how some things come back to you.

On Saturday night, I was cooking tea - Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Halfway, I got a call from a drunk Catherine; she made no sense for 5 minutes (And informed me that Kale was cooking soup and was going to burn the house down, as well as the fact that she'd drunk a bottle of bourbon that day). Since she had nothing important to say, and I knew she was just pissing me off, so I hung up. I really was fed up with her.

She rang back later, just to tell me that:

"We all think you're an arsehole, we love you, bye!"

I hung up again.

They soon ran back, but in their drunkeness had forgotten that when you ring somebody up you usually talk to them afterwards. I hung up again, and went online so I wouldn't be bothered. That was all from that story. I'm amazed at how badly they've taken the entire thing, how they're dealing with it, and I want to know what their opinions are on the matter as well as who believes them. It's quite interesting.

Anyway, away from my paranoia for a while. I've been thinking of a different career choice - one that would be more academically interesting than the one I've got right now. So far, I have two plans -
~Go to Natcoll and do a Diploma in Webdesign, and maybe another one in Graphic Design or Internet Technology.
~Then, once I have that base setup, and if I'm still interested, I want to fly up to Auckland and pursue an acting career.
Alternatively (This is the one Ive just been thinking of) -
~Go to university (Ooooh) and do a degree in English or Psychology. I've always been interested in psychology, particularly beliefs and opinions, and I've been thinking about English alot as well. I don't feel that the other career path fully justifies the intellectual ability that I once had. I dunno.

Today I got my Physics exam results back - GOOD SWEET LORD IT MADE ME FEEL GOOD. I passed everything! Hurrah!

I also thought about what I'm going to do my research on for English - we have to research a language feature. I really want to write an essay on Logic, but I dunno if it counts. Hell, it's much better than writing about the exclamation mark or l33t speak o_O.

I'm also adding something to my DeviantArt account - photography from when I used my poi. It's old, but I haven't put anything on there for a long time.

Anyway, I best finish what I'm doing and go to bed. Night all.

September 07, 2004


I just watched the start of an episode of Six Feet Under - it was the funniest thing I've seen all day. A whole lot of blow-up dolls were filled with helium and accidentally released into the sky, and a woman not far away saw them and thought they were angels. She ran out onto the road, praising god, and was hit by a car ^_^.

AJ, the American revolution is the war of independence - when America became a seperate nation from England. The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, all those people. Don't they teach it to you in school?

The History exam went well, I remembered alot more than I thought I knew. Today's drama exam was a little worse, because I spent 3/4 of the time drawing a stage design for Ophelia Thinks Harder, 20 minutes on a review, and 5 minutes completing another thing about Shakespeare.
The Physics exam was funny. I thought it was only 2 hours, but it turned out that it was 2.5. I had no ride home, so I rushed through it & finished early so I could get the bus home. I told the eacher in charge that if I didn't catch the bus I'd have to wait another 2 hours - so she let me go. In the Waves section, there was an entire part on lenses, which I had no idea to draw diagrams for but I did know the equations. I also didn't think they'd be any displacement-time graphs (Since there was only 1 page in the book), so I had to bluff my way through that question.
I love the fact that they're mocks, it means we don't have to try ^_^.

I've got English and Maths tomrrow & Thursday, then we're off to Christchurch to shop and possibly perform. I need to ask Mum for some money -_-.

Earlier this night I opened a sachet of Raro, and ate it all. It was good. It hasn't hightened my enegery in any way yet, but maybe I won't be able to sleep tonight... I'm dead tired now, though.

I've also decided that I won't further spoil myself about Advent Children, Final Fantasy XII, or Kingdom Hearts 2 anymore. Instead, I'll keep up with The Third Age, which gets released in 56 days. Advent Children is hard to dodge around, because of th latest news outpour from Venice, but I'm succeeding so far. I did read a report from Venice about it, but it didn't contain much... It made me very confused though.

Also, Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris are in another game - Itadaki Street: Special. It's a monopoly-type game created by Enix. It also has YRP in it ^_^. I think I'll get it just for the entertainment value (Whatever happened to entertainment in FF games?).

The Plushie Battle with Matt also helped me finally explain how the game is played - Up until then, even I wasn't sure of how it worked. But now I am. It makes me feel good. I can't wait until it's up and running, but I think Dave wants me to create another forum theme for the board.

September 05, 2004

Aaargh! Study!

I have 5 mock exams - History is tomorrow, then I have Drama and Physics on Tuesday, on Wednesday I have History, and on Thursday I have Maths.
I think I'll just dance for most of it. The only ones I'm studying for are Physics and Maths, and possibly History. English and Drama require no study, only a look back on what happened.

I love the fact that their mock exams.

I'm looking up the American & Russian Revolustions now, just to see if I can remember anything. I won't bother with Gandhi, the class nevre learnt anything during that becuae of the teacher botch up.

I also looked at the end of year exam timetable, and disovered something horrible - I have Histry and Physics exams on the same day >_<.

September 03, 2004

And the faeries came, rejoiced, and left him naked on the dance floor.

No, there were no faeries or rejoicing, nor was there any dancing or nudity. There was just me in a pink bikini with some very old hats.

How could I follow up a ranty, negative thread like the previous one? Especially since I don't feel that way at all - and now I'm getting torn to bits by everyone. Karma, I guess :). However, I don't regret posting that - One of my rules of blogging is never to delete a post. I have no regrets of posting it either, because I knew it would have consequences. The (few & minor) consequences make me feel sad, but I'm taking them.

Firstly, I could see Catherine & Kale whispering inthe corner today, and I heard the word 'blog'. I felt bad, because I don't like people hating me.

Then, Catherine had obviously told Mrs Grubb (I don't know if she's read the prevoius post yet, I don't think she has otherwise she would've confronted me). Mrs Grubb called me into her room and said she'd been told that I'd been writing nasty things about Kale & Catherine on the interent, and then gave me a lecture on never writing down anything that could be used as evidence against you, followed by an anecdote, then the "I'm very surprised and disappointed by you, I never thought somebody as nice as you would do that" line, and then she repeated a few things again.
I... got slightly annoyed that she was intefereing with personal business, and that she was trying to be my mother.

Then when I went to rehearse in the auditorium, Mal asked what Mrs Grubb had wanted to talk about. I told everyone the story (Only Sonjia, Laura, Jenna, Mal, and Sara were there) the story, and after I'd finished Mallory started looking at me coldly and left (I think she went to the toilet). She didn't speak to me for nearly the rest of the period, and I didn't know if it was caused by that or not, but I'm not particularly worried. When History came along, everything was back to normal.

Actually, I don't think Catherine has read the previous blog yet, because she has been as normal toward me as ever and we've occasionally talked. She is a nice person, but Lordy, the things she does get on my nerves sometimes.

On the upside, today is a Friday, and next week I have exams. So, I've got lots of 'study' time (I'm only concerned with the Physics and Maths exams), what with net week off and all. We're also travellng to Christchurch next Thursday - I hope I'm not in the same van as Catherine, Kale, or Mrs Grubb :\. I don't particularly want an akward confrontation.

If you're reading this, Catherine, or Kale, then I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I really am.

September 01, 2004

Bwahaha. You know how some of you have claimed that I'm such a nice person and have never been a bastard? I'm going to break that tradition for just a sec, in case Catherine is ever going to read this again.

Remember on August 3rd, I wrote an entry entitled 'New Stuff'. In it was this -
"What really really pisses me off is, in another group, Kale Hocking played the same character he's always played, and got an Excellence >_<. I should'nt be spiteful, but... Ehh."

Well, I gave Catherine a link to this blog because she was wondering what blogging was. She read the above, and so began the following convo: (She is "*almost elegantly wasted* o_O"; I am "Binky Binky Boo")

*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Have u wrote about me in it?
Binky Binky Boo: Nope.
Binky Binky Boo: I think I mentioned Ian once, but I'm not sure.
Binky Binky Boo: Actually, I may have mentioned you in it about the devised script.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Mention me... say I am the love of your life, or the bitch of your life... or something.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: dont say whore
Binky Binky Boo: If I said bad things then, don't kick me - they were my feelings at the time.
Binky Binky Boo: The archives are down the side. You can check if you want.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Thats cool how do i find th eone wtih devised script
Binky Binky Boo: Dunno, have a look.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: agust rite?
Binky Binky Boo: Maybe *shrugs*
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: do ppl read this?
Binky Binky Boo: Not people from school. Mainly other people I know from online.
Binky Binky Boo: August 3rd has some rant about Kale.
Binky Binky Boo: Nad him getting Excellence.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: thats fucking weird,.. and scary. do they actually have lives like I literally mean lives... which they have... instead of reading urs.
Binky Binky Boo: I read their lives ^-6.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: would d u get
Binky Binky Boo: ^_^*
Binky Binky Boo: Merit.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: i got excellence .
Binky Binky Boo: (Y)
Binky Binky Boo: You deserved it. I felt that Kale didn't, though, becasue he played the same character as always.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: who?
Binky Binky Boo: Kale. He didn't change much, it was just Kale on stage.
Binky Binky Boo: Not that I was any better, mind :).
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: mrs grubb said it was sooo real that it was frightening.
Binky Binky Boo: I felt Sonjia made ours very unreal.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: no comment. didnt c end.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: i wrote a play
Binky Binky Boo: Hurrah! I started writing a parody script in English.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: mrs. grubb, laura, jenny and i are in it.
Binky Binky Boo: Ah (Y)
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: its about aids and regret, and freedom, despair and innocence.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: its odd you call mrs grubb elizabeth
Binky Binky Boo: I only do it occasionally.
Binky Binky Boo: Sometimes I call her Grubby.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: read ur kale rant.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: ... wasnt a rant just a quick back stab kinda and then u forgot about it. quite deccent of you.
Binky Binky Boo: It's a rant for me. I'm not very experienced at ranting anyway :).
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: lookn 4 stuff about me. the story of my life.)
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: where do u reckon bout me? i dont care if ts mean. i have a diary and i rwrte worse stuff than that in it.
Binky Binky Boo: I think you are a person that makes life too complicated for herself.
Binky Binky Boo: You think & worry toommuch, and when you don't worry you end up worrying about the stuff you didn't worry about :P.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: i think u r the boy who uses tactful witty comments here and there because u think u r much more intelligent than u actually are. You pretend u dont get jealous or be an arse when to be honest u do. Blogging is proof:D
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: :)
Binky Binky Boo: Bwahaha! That's so much like me :).
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: I thought si
Binky Binky Boo: (Y)(Y)(Y) Plus a (pi) for Insight.
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: (I)
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: lol i was only pissing round. dont b mad
Binky Binky Boo: I also make false excuses when I want to get away from a situation, but everybody does :). Binky Binky Boo: I'm off to play The Sims. Bye!
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: Its okay I am going to worry about the rest of my life. Which is far more intelligent than pretending to play the sims.
Binky Binky Boo: lol
Binky Binky Boo: Seyou
*almost elegantly wasted* o_0: bye

Needless to say, I was not worried. She said the truth - sometimes I do think highly of myself, and occasionally I do bluff my way out of situations with comical remarks.

But when I went online just recently, I was surprised to find that Catherine had sent me an email with this link in it. I read it, and was surprised and slightly amused.

The conversation was completely changed round. In the hopes that you are reading, Catherine, I reply with this -
"I went to see his Blog thing- which he explained to me. Where I found he had made illegtimate comments about my best friend in the whole world"
How on God's green earth was that comment illegitimate? It isn't unfair - It is my honest opinion. Kale's acting in that scene was quite honestly boring, and I felt that he didn't deserve that Excellence.

who stood by me , when Alastair never did."
Granted, we have grown apart this year, and we've both changed. But go back to a time before that - When you thought Kale was a bastard, and wouldn't support you when you went up to Wellington. Even Rox filled in for him. Or don't you remember back then?

He then began to analyze me..."
No, no I did not. Look closer at the above conversation. You asked me what I honestly thought about you, you didn't care if it was mean, and I replied with what is an honest opinion about you.

"and telling me bla bla how I worry too much and when I run out of things to worry about I just worry that I have not worried enough."
You must be mistaken. I thought I said that you made life too complicated for yourself, and then worry about it. I then said that yo sometimes didn't worry, and then worried about the things that you didn't worry about - ie; not thinking about something and then regretting what you did. I certainly didn't say that you worry about not worrying enough, that was a judgemental error on your side.

"Alastair u are so far up your own peak that all you can see is small stuff which has no importance in life. I dont care if I am a worrier, or if I am irrate, or bitchy, or controlling... atleast I am in the valley and I can see the big pic and dont box or catergorize the shit out of you..."
You say that I think too highly of myself? How can you say that, when you always want to talk about yourself? Every moment in that convo where I said something about myself was ignored, you just went straight onto another topic. To be honest, I don't fucking care if you wrote a script. You do that kind of thing all the time. I can't see how you can say that I categorize the shit out of people when you're the one who's mood towards people can change so suddenly.

"and for the record. Kale Hocking deserved that Excellence because he was in my performance and we rocked. He worked his arse off and deserved it!!!"
I based my opinion on his acting, not on his rehearsal, because I obviously couldn't see that. But I did not feel that his acting was Excellence level. as this is my opinion, you have no right to say that it is false.

Catherine, you used to be one of my good friends, but in the last few months I have seen you in a completely different light. Maybe you've changed, maybe I've changed - But to be truthful, we don't get along together very well now.

You are bitchy. You are controlling, You are a scheming, lying, whiner. I'm sorry your aunt has cancer, but what else except "Ah" can I say, especially since we barely know each other any more? This is how I feel about you, Catherine. And I'm not sorry about it. I hope you read this.

PS: For those others of you who were wondering, the script is one called "Finally Frustrated", and it's a stage play of a FF7 parody. I hope to finish it sometime.

Racism, Feminism, and a touch of vinegar for my lungs

Again, the post title has nothing at all to do with the content. It's just attractive.

Today was wonderfully warm; a sure sign of the good springly things to come this spring. It made me feel good, and the air was already really nice ^_^. It also smelled like chips when I got off the bus - an added bonus.

Something smells like burnt rubber - I think it's tea. I hope it ends up tasting better -_-.

I found out today that the credits I can earn from CDT & CST next year total 99 - Only 80 are needed to pass NCEA Level 3 ^_^. That kicks definitive arse, it means I barely have to try next year. Hurrah!

Oh, and I remembered the idea I had for Stage Challenge; then I thought how crap it was. I'm really liking Sonjias idea on racism, though - so long as we get away from racism and just turn it into something about social systems. Laura wants psycho ballerinas, like in Christina Aguilera's (absolutely horrible) Fighter video. I thought that would look styly :).

Nothing much else happened today.

But I'm still drinking Coke ^_^.