August 04, 2004


Nothing interesting happened today at all, I found the clipboard in the auditorium and got an idea for my speech. I want to do something involving 1984, George Bush, and Privacy/Freedom of Speech & Thought, but it also has to be persuasive. I could do a persuasive speech about how easily the world could turn into a distopia, but ... Dunno. My friend wants to do a persuasive speech on why the teacher should give him an Excellence, and I thought that was slightly funny =D.

went to look in the library for some books, and remembered a book that I'd been hearing about at GameFAQs' literary board; Brave New World. I never got it out, though, because my brother dragged me away. I did find a VERY interesting idea in Tearaway (A monthly teenage magazine about politics & music & stuff): All Weapons should be replaced with Hula Hoops. Just imagine, people get into a dispute, and instead of fighting, they resolve the issue with a hula-hoop battle, seeing who can spin it for the longest. I can see soldiers spinning their hips in the battlefields now... And running down the street to catch somebody with it ^_^. I thought the idea was genius.

But because it was such a boring day, there's nothing else to talk about. I have no moans, no strange events, no weird dream stories. Oh, how disappointing. Woe.


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