August 01, 2004

Well waddaya know

I'm tired again. Isn't that a first.

I've taken up gardening. It's very relaxing, and it keeps me warm. It also keeps me outside. Since our veggie garden hasn't had anything done to it in about 3 years, it's looking a bit messy... But so far I've cleaned out the glasshouse and dug it over, as well as weeded & dug a bit by the drive. I accidentally killed a beetle as well :(.

Yesterday I watched Very Annie Mary, a film set in Wales. I found it very touching, and very funny, and I heartily recommend it.

Earlier tonight I started on my History thingy, where we have to create a diary of a gold miner. I wrote mine out in a blunt pencil, complete with bad spelling & little pictures, and then when I made it look old all the pencil got smudged off and I couldn't read it. Then I found out that I have to write a miner's guidebook as well, and quite frankly I can't be fucked now because I'm tired and I've been getting huge headaches recently. But my teacher (The wonderfully sponaneous Mrs Cook) said she'd give us a few day's grace if we couldn't get it done. I also have a Physics test tomorrow, but I think I know enough to pass.

We had no power all day Saturday, for some unknown reason.I think there was a fault or something. Anyway, because I woke up at 1 I only had to endure half of it, and then I went out and did some tractor work.

I just changed my MSN profile. It's about 2 years old, and still has my real name as being "Diamond Weapon". Since I'm over that now, I think it's safe to change all my details so that they're true.

The internet has become quite the boring place over the last week. Nobody's online except for a few people, and The Realm is going through a fairly empty spot. Unless I'm just going online more and more often without realising it. Actually, I've been losing track of time recently. I need sleep.

It's good to hear that Advent Children will be displayed at the Venice Film Festival, and even better that it's going to be relased in Japan in a few months. I still want Reeve/Cait Sith to appear, but my hopes are draining. It was nice to see a sillhuoette of Yuffie parachuting, so maybe theres hope for my favourite moogle/king cat yet.

Seeing as it's 10:00, I'd better go night-night.


PS: Is this blog getting boring? Please tell me if it is. I'd like to know who reads it.


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