August 07, 2004

Those who Fight

I just finished reading Blue Shinra... Congratulations, Reeve, for writing such an amazing piece of work (And the people who roleplayed). I cried at the end.

Ummm... I was going to write a great big rant about my brother (Because he was acting like the king of the world), but I don't feel like it anymore. It's not worth it anyway.

Oh, and something I remembered. Riki said that I was the best in the devised scripts - That made me feel good. He said that Sonjia was too dramatic, and that I kept the story realistic. That made me feel really, really good.

I woke up at about 8:30 this morning, but didn't get up until 11. I stayed in bed and read. It's a strange experience, reading in the morning, but it was fun anyway.

Wait, I did have a question: Is it alright to change your ways to suit the people around you? Today I had the following things said to me:
"Stop sucking your thumb Al."
"Get up, you're lazy."
"You spend too much time on that computer."
"Why don't you do something productive?"(By productive, Dad meant that I should go outside and do some farmwork)
"Take your thumb out!"
"Why won't you die!?"

Okay, so the last one didn't really happen.

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