August 13, 2004

Still Breathing

I'm still alive, it's just been a hectic week so I've had no time to update.

This week I went to see a bad production of Cherry Orchard, got stressed and unstressed about the ball, had my hair streaked for the first time, watched the first half of Mystic River, and finally got Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy out of the library ^_^.

Now, I love Cherry Orchard. It's one of my favourite plays, but... only when it's done well. There are so many moments in it that can be highly emotional, but the one that I went to see just... didn't. It might'v helped if some of the actors were good, or if Lopakhin wasn't played in such an annoying way (He made Lopakhin seem very shallow), And that end scene between Varya and him could've been played to a much higher degree... Oh well.

The ball is today, and I've taken the day off school because I didn't want to get up early this morning and go to bed late tonight. I've been stressing becuase I didn't know how I was getting in there, first we were going in a gig pulled my brother, then we were going in a cart (The gig was too heavy), then on the back of our ute with Deckchairs & an umbrella (But my brother was picking up a whole lotta steel & hardboard that day), so now we're going in somebody's car who I don't know. But it's loud.

I got my hair streaked blonde, and nobody noticed. Probably because it wasn't too far from my natural hair colour, that and the wind was blowing so it kinda mixed in with all the rest. Only about 3 people commented. I was watching Mystic River when my sister streaked it, and I was enjoying it but then I had to go to the dentist >_<. Turns out I need 5 fillings, which're going to be filled in about 2 weeks time. Dammit.

I started reading Hitchiker's at my sister's place before going to Cherry Orcahrd, and I was really liking it ^_^.

Damn. There was more that happened this week, but I can't remember. Curse business.


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