August 30, 2004

Slip Slidin' Away

Phew, I haven't been here for awhile. Sorry, I've been slightly overworked and underthoughted lately, and everything I think of either hasn't been important enough to write down, or I couldn't remember. Actually, reading through the rest of this blog, nothing's all that important anyway.

The most oimportant things from whence I last came... The Ball. I have a few pictures here -

Yes, my hair is long again :). I straightened it, though. I quite like it now, it's not as curly as it used to be. But I'm getting a slight mullet :(.
I should have some more photos, but my sister still hasn't taken my camera back to be developed. It was good (The ball), but it wasn't great. I can't remember why precisely, I think it was the choice of music they had (Complete Rock - Nothing to dance to). That and my partner kept being dragged away by her needy Ex... It was kinda annoying. At the afters we didn't drink, but there was a chair that got broken, and we ended up watching home videos of Clare. That was... slightly bizarre.

After that eventful weekend, I had to do my English speech... But we ended up not having to do them until last week. I got an Excellence ^_^. I finally decided on 'Why we should all be happy', and it had White Ninja in it. Oh, I've also added White Ninja to my links. I love it.

Today was the Careers Expo today... And wandered around for an hour. There was nothing there that interested me much. And I didn't even think to pick up any of the freebies >_<.

Damn. A fly just died right beside me. Fell down straight from the roof. Poor thing.

I've recently started playing The Sims again... It's like a great big cycle. I want to find some decent FF skins though - So far I've got Kimarhi, Sephy, Edea, Rinoa, Squall, Rufus, Aeris, and Tifa. I couldn't find a good Cloud one - the last one I saw was horrible. I wish I had Superstar, though, that way the whole set'd be complete. ^_^

I've also begun to use creative adjectives to describe my mood. I'm tired of answering the usual "Good." when people ask me how I am. So today, I answered with "Delicious" and "Scrumptios" and "Deflated". I got a few funny looks, and a worry, but it made me feel better. I encourage you all to try it. It's fun.

Anyway, wasn't that enoyable? I promise I won't be blogstipated tomorrow. Actually... I've got mock exams next week, so you mightn't be seeing me around much. Or you might be seeing me alot more, because I've got study leave.

Oh well. Night Y'all.


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