August 31, 2004

Reno3108: Did you inflanine the Citadel?


Today I went to school. It was ... dull.
I forgot everythng I learnt last week in Maths, except for differentiation. This is not good, as I can't remember what to use differentation for. I decided that I won't do Calculus or Stats next year.
After much arsing around (2 minutes) I've decided to write my film review for English on Spirited Away ^_^. My teacher has never seen the movie, so that's an added bonus. I decided that I will do English next year, because I'm good at it.
Then, in ICT, I continued to play with the poster that we're doing. My friend assigned me to draw a Jedi - I ended up drawing Seifer o_O. I'm going to take Computer Systems and Computer Design next year; I like 'em.
During lunchtime, I went to Theatresports. Mr McCaffey was there (He's a student teacher), and he gave us a big box of props. I managed to almost break a stop/go sign by using it as a pogo stick, and I did break a toy gun by using it as a golf club. I then imposed a ban on myself to not play props again. But I broke that immediately by using a large blanket as a tartan beard. Mr McCaffey also had some bubble wrap: Meghan wouldn't give it back to him and they ended up physically fighting over it. She denies thumping him on the back, but I however saw it all from beneath the table. That was right before I tied Sam's legs together with a phone cable.
In History we did nothing again. Surprise. I'll do Classic next year, instead of History.
In Drama, we began choosing extracts from The Rivals to perform. Meghan and I are doing a section with Faulkland & Julia - I make her cry because I keep denying that she loves me/finding faults in her proof. then we remembered that we're going to Christchurch next Thursday, and decided we needed to rehearse our devised scripts - but we never did.
On the way home, I wrote BANG on a piece of paper and stuck it to the window of the bus. Nothing much else happened, but I did read more of Hitch Hiker's.
When I got home, Geoffrey went back into town to take his Guinea Pigs to the vet, and I used the computer all afternoon. Aeris now has a pet gold dragon, and her husband Jack got promoted. Huzzah.

I mst be really bored now - In the last hour I contemplated re-joining Utopia (An online strategy game). However, I couldn't properly register because the confirmation code couldn't be displayed (Thank God). Afterwards I remembered how draining this game was, and why I quit.

Oh, and I had an idea for Stage Challenge next year, but now I can't remember it. It was a really good one, too. I know it had something to do with 1984, or maybe it was just inspired by 1984. 1984 is the clue.

Oh well. Sonjia said she was interested on doing something on generic racism, and I said Myeh. I was intreested, but I didn't sound it.

Papa! I'm so glad you're all right!

I want these albums, too:
The Strokes' latest one
Muse - Absolution
The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives
Gomez's latest one

=D Have a nice day!


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