August 03, 2004

New stuff

I went to see Oliver! last night, I'll write a review of it soon. Overall, I wasn't impressed by the acting (Although Fagan & The girl were very good), and most of it seemed mediocre (Especially Mr. Bumble and Bill Sikes). The singing, however, was excellent, and Oliver himself was very good, considering it was his first time onstage.

I've also changed the banner a tad to make it more customisedableage, and added my mood ~>. My back aches when I move my left arm back, it's right behind my shoulderblade, too. I want somebody to rub it >_<.

I'm hooked on A Perfect Circle again, and that's bad because they make me feel melancholy. I just got over listening to The Smashing Pumpkins, as well. Oh well, it's good music.

I bought some nifty white shoes that I'll wear for the Ball for $14.00 from the Warehouse today. I think I'll get a stick & paint it white for a cane or something ^_^. The only thing that isn't white will be my corsage, Meghan said she'd get a red one. I think I'll get a red one as well, so that they match.

I was going to o to Ballroom dancing lessons today at lunch for fun, but I had Theatresports (Which wasn't too bad. I played well). I can still do it next monday, though.

I fear I may be getting into a bit os a spat with Empy at The Realm, and I don't want to bring my claws out. I know it's the Random Insanity Forum, and he used to be the Mod for it, but... He's just getting on the verge of spammy. If somebody like Jake were to post that much, they'd be told off, or banned. I'd better stop before I hurt somebody, but... yeah. It's so sad when there's different rules.

Oh, and I got a Merit for our devised script. I'm not disappointed, because I honestly didn't even think I deserved that, but it does make me sad because I could've done so much better. That and my character was a very hard character to play, whereas Beth Rose was very easy. I do commend Sonjia on her performance, though. The annoying thing is that us other 4 were forced to take backseat roles in the production process, which gave us less room to create our own characters. We could've made our seperate parts bigger, but it would've detracted from the main story. Most of my ideas were used in the story (In fact, my original idea was the one we chose, and I had alot of input as to how the play was structured), but Sonjia took it home and wrote and it came out... weird, but we were running out of time so we did it anyway. Actually, the orignal ending that she wrote sucked really bad, so I re-wrote it to be more depressing, and that was well-recieved. Mallory then suggested I rewrote the whole thing, but we'd already spent 3 weeks rehearsing and we only had 2 weeks before it was shown, so I didn't want to. Besides, I did'nt wwas to make Sonjia feel bad. But, she got an Excellence for being the lead role, and I got a Merit for playing a character who had trouble showing emotion (How the hell was I supposed to do well with that?) What really really pisses me off is, in another group, Kale Hocking played the same character he's always played, and got an Excellence >_<. I should'nt be spiteful, but... Ehh.

We have to start rehearsing it again, however, as Elizabeth has entered us into the Canterbury Highschool Dramary thingy along with another group. It's going to be hard to edit ours, though, because it has to be under 15 minutes, and ours id 25... And everything in it is so vital to the storyline...

I best be off to bed now, I've set myself on a tangent. That and it's now 10:30.

~~Shut Down~~


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