August 06, 2004

It's Raining Again

Today it rained. And rained. And rained. And it made me happy.

Yesterday, when Michael was playing hockey, he broke his ankle >_<. I hope he's okay. Because he wasn't there, it meant I had nobody to talk to in the morning before school. And at lunch, since Rox was playing basketball. Mallory was away at a business thingy, and Ian wasn't there... I think. I never saw him. So at lunch, I went into the library (For about the first tme this year).
You know how librarys are supposed to be nice quiet places? Ours certainly wasn't. I would've liked some nice quiet, because I was headachy and tired again, but no. Groups of 3rd and 4th Formers had to sit around and talk and talk and talk. On top of that, they had Peace Cranes (Since it's Hiroshima day) and that always makes me feel down.
But; I did find something that made me happy. On top of the (Senior) Fiction section was a novel written by my old history teacher, Simon Snow. It's called Devil's Apple, and it's set on the west coast of NZ. While I don't usually go in for murder mysteries, he has a nice writing style which makes it very very good indeed. He held writing groups last year, and I went and had fun & learnt quite a bit from him. Today Elizabeth (Elizabeth is my drama teacher) was talking to him about students, and do you know what he said to her?
"Alastair a very creative writing style... And a very creative mind. He's a very intelligent person"
Of course, this made me feel happy, even though he barely read any of my stuff. And in case you're thinking that he just says nice things to everyone; he doesn't. He's honest about things like that (But he's not meanhonest. He can say honest things in a nice way). It makes me want to write even more. Pity I hardly ever have any motivation.

I'm playing through FF8 again, and finding it alot deeper and betterer than I remember. I don't know why either, it's just more exciting, and more fun. I am plaing it at low levels, so maybe that's why... I seem to have leant alot of my FF games at the moment. Gorry has 7, Richardt has 9 (I happily leant him this one), and Michael has X. Rox will soon have X-2, as soon as he finishes X (He can't beat Sin's core, the fight after you beat the two arms/wings).

Isn't it annoying how Media Player always displays the Media Guide when you open it while connected? It slows everything down. For example, as I type now, nothing's showing up... Wait, there it all goes.

Have any of you (The readers who never comment)(And Seb) read any of my things? I posted something I couldn't title at The Realm one day, and only AJ commented. Maybe that's why I never write anything, because I demand praise for the things I do write and I never get any ^_^. Oh well.

In History today Shav wasn't there, so we thought we might get some work done... We were wrong. Mrs Cook talked again for the whole period about Funnel Web spiders and Snakes and other stuff living in Aussie, and I got a bigger headache. I couldn't even read a (very interesing) Thesaurus (It had loads of random info). Bah, I didn't feel much like learning anyway.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight. I probably won't. But at least I can think I did tomorrow morning, and then it'll be all okay.


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