August 31, 2004

Reno3108: Did you inflanine the Citadel?


Today I went to school. It was ... dull.
I forgot everythng I learnt last week in Maths, except for differentiation. This is not good, as I can't remember what to use differentation for. I decided that I won't do Calculus or Stats next year.
After much arsing around (2 minutes) I've decided to write my film review for English on Spirited Away ^_^. My teacher has never seen the movie, so that's an added bonus. I decided that I will do English next year, because I'm good at it.
Then, in ICT, I continued to play with the poster that we're doing. My friend assigned me to draw a Jedi - I ended up drawing Seifer o_O. I'm going to take Computer Systems and Computer Design next year; I like 'em.
During lunchtime, I went to Theatresports. Mr McCaffey was there (He's a student teacher), and he gave us a big box of props. I managed to almost break a stop/go sign by using it as a pogo stick, and I did break a toy gun by using it as a golf club. I then imposed a ban on myself to not play props again. But I broke that immediately by using a large blanket as a tartan beard. Mr McCaffey also had some bubble wrap: Meghan wouldn't give it back to him and they ended up physically fighting over it. She denies thumping him on the back, but I however saw it all from beneath the table. That was right before I tied Sam's legs together with a phone cable.
In History we did nothing again. Surprise. I'll do Classic next year, instead of History.
In Drama, we began choosing extracts from The Rivals to perform. Meghan and I are doing a section with Faulkland & Julia - I make her cry because I keep denying that she loves me/finding faults in her proof. then we remembered that we're going to Christchurch next Thursday, and decided we needed to rehearse our devised scripts - but we never did.
On the way home, I wrote BANG on a piece of paper and stuck it to the window of the bus. Nothing much else happened, but I did read more of Hitch Hiker's.
When I got home, Geoffrey went back into town to take his Guinea Pigs to the vet, and I used the computer all afternoon. Aeris now has a pet gold dragon, and her husband Jack got promoted. Huzzah.

I mst be really bored now - In the last hour I contemplated re-joining Utopia (An online strategy game). However, I couldn't properly register because the confirmation code couldn't be displayed (Thank God). Afterwards I remembered how draining this game was, and why I quit.

Oh, and I had an idea for Stage Challenge next year, but now I can't remember it. It was a really good one, too. I know it had something to do with 1984, or maybe it was just inspired by 1984. 1984 is the clue.

Oh well. Sonjia said she was interested on doing something on generic racism, and I said Myeh. I was intreested, but I didn't sound it.

Papa! I'm so glad you're all right!

I want these albums, too:
The Strokes' latest one
Muse - Absolution
The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives
Gomez's latest one

=D Have a nice day!

August 30, 2004

Slip Slidin' Away

Phew, I haven't been here for awhile. Sorry, I've been slightly overworked and underthoughted lately, and everything I think of either hasn't been important enough to write down, or I couldn't remember. Actually, reading through the rest of this blog, nothing's all that important anyway.

The most oimportant things from whence I last came... The Ball. I have a few pictures here -

Yes, my hair is long again :). I straightened it, though. I quite like it now, it's not as curly as it used to be. But I'm getting a slight mullet :(.
I should have some more photos, but my sister still hasn't taken my camera back to be developed. It was good (The ball), but it wasn't great. I can't remember why precisely, I think it was the choice of music they had (Complete Rock - Nothing to dance to). That and my partner kept being dragged away by her needy Ex... It was kinda annoying. At the afters we didn't drink, but there was a chair that got broken, and we ended up watching home videos of Clare. That was... slightly bizarre.

After that eventful weekend, I had to do my English speech... But we ended up not having to do them until last week. I got an Excellence ^_^. I finally decided on 'Why we should all be happy', and it had White Ninja in it. Oh, I've also added White Ninja to my links. I love it.

Today was the Careers Expo today... And wandered around for an hour. There was nothing there that interested me much. And I didn't even think to pick up any of the freebies >_<.

Damn. A fly just died right beside me. Fell down straight from the roof. Poor thing.

I've recently started playing The Sims again... It's like a great big cycle. I want to find some decent FF skins though - So far I've got Kimarhi, Sephy, Edea, Rinoa, Squall, Rufus, Aeris, and Tifa. I couldn't find a good Cloud one - the last one I saw was horrible. I wish I had Superstar, though, that way the whole set'd be complete. ^_^

I've also begun to use creative adjectives to describe my mood. I'm tired of answering the usual "Good." when people ask me how I am. So today, I answered with "Delicious" and "Scrumptios" and "Deflated". I got a few funny looks, and a worry, but it made me feel better. I encourage you all to try it. It's fun.

Anyway, wasn't that enoyable? I promise I won't be blogstipated tomorrow. Actually... I've got mock exams next week, so you mightn't be seeing me around much. Or you might be seeing me alot more, because I've got study leave.

Oh well. Night Y'all.

August 13, 2004

Still Breathing

I'm still alive, it's just been a hectic week so I've had no time to update.

This week I went to see a bad production of Cherry Orchard, got stressed and unstressed about the ball, had my hair streaked for the first time, watched the first half of Mystic River, and finally got Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy out of the library ^_^.

Now, I love Cherry Orchard. It's one of my favourite plays, but... only when it's done well. There are so many moments in it that can be highly emotional, but the one that I went to see just... didn't. It might'v helped if some of the actors were good, or if Lopakhin wasn't played in such an annoying way (He made Lopakhin seem very shallow), And that end scene between Varya and him could've been played to a much higher degree... Oh well.

The ball is today, and I've taken the day off school because I didn't want to get up early this morning and go to bed late tonight. I've been stressing becuase I didn't know how I was getting in there, first we were going in a gig pulled my brother, then we were going in a cart (The gig was too heavy), then on the back of our ute with Deckchairs & an umbrella (But my brother was picking up a whole lotta steel & hardboard that day), so now we're going in somebody's car who I don't know. But it's loud.

I got my hair streaked blonde, and nobody noticed. Probably because it wasn't too far from my natural hair colour, that and the wind was blowing so it kinda mixed in with all the rest. Only about 3 people commented. I was watching Mystic River when my sister streaked it, and I was enjoying it but then I had to go to the dentist >_<. Turns out I need 5 fillings, which're going to be filled in about 2 weeks time. Dammit.

I started reading Hitchiker's at my sister's place before going to Cherry Orcahrd, and I was really liking it ^_^.

Damn. There was more that happened this week, but I can't remember. Curse business.

August 07, 2004

Those who Fight

I just finished reading Blue Shinra... Congratulations, Reeve, for writing such an amazing piece of work (And the people who roleplayed). I cried at the end.

Ummm... I was going to write a great big rant about my brother (Because he was acting like the king of the world), but I don't feel like it anymore. It's not worth it anyway.

Oh, and something I remembered. Riki said that I was the best in the devised scripts - That made me feel good. He said that Sonjia was too dramatic, and that I kept the story realistic. That made me feel really, really good.

I woke up at about 8:30 this morning, but didn't get up until 11. I stayed in bed and read. It's a strange experience, reading in the morning, but it was fun anyway.

Wait, I did have a question: Is it alright to change your ways to suit the people around you? Today I had the following things said to me:
"Stop sucking your thumb Al."
"Get up, you're lazy."
"You spend too much time on that computer."
"Why don't you do something productive?"(By productive, Dad meant that I should go outside and do some farmwork)
"Take your thumb out!"
"Why won't you die!?"

Okay, so the last one didn't really happen.

Random quiz -

August 06, 2004

It's Raining Again

Today it rained. And rained. And rained. And it made me happy.

Yesterday, when Michael was playing hockey, he broke his ankle >_<. I hope he's okay. Because he wasn't there, it meant I had nobody to talk to in the morning before school. And at lunch, since Rox was playing basketball. Mallory was away at a business thingy, and Ian wasn't there... I think. I never saw him. So at lunch, I went into the library (For about the first tme this year).
You know how librarys are supposed to be nice quiet places? Ours certainly wasn't. I would've liked some nice quiet, because I was headachy and tired again, but no. Groups of 3rd and 4th Formers had to sit around and talk and talk and talk. On top of that, they had Peace Cranes (Since it's Hiroshima day) and that always makes me feel down.
But; I did find something that made me happy. On top of the (Senior) Fiction section was a novel written by my old history teacher, Simon Snow. It's called Devil's Apple, and it's set on the west coast of NZ. While I don't usually go in for murder mysteries, he has a nice writing style which makes it very very good indeed. He held writing groups last year, and I went and had fun & learnt quite a bit from him. Today Elizabeth (Elizabeth is my drama teacher) was talking to him about students, and do you know what he said to her?
"Alastair a very creative writing style... And a very creative mind. He's a very intelligent person"
Of course, this made me feel happy, even though he barely read any of my stuff. And in case you're thinking that he just says nice things to everyone; he doesn't. He's honest about things like that (But he's not meanhonest. He can say honest things in a nice way). It makes me want to write even more. Pity I hardly ever have any motivation.

I'm playing through FF8 again, and finding it alot deeper and betterer than I remember. I don't know why either, it's just more exciting, and more fun. I am plaing it at low levels, so maybe that's why... I seem to have leant alot of my FF games at the moment. Gorry has 7, Richardt has 9 (I happily leant him this one), and Michael has X. Rox will soon have X-2, as soon as he finishes X (He can't beat Sin's core, the fight after you beat the two arms/wings).

Isn't it annoying how Media Player always displays the Media Guide when you open it while connected? It slows everything down. For example, as I type now, nothing's showing up... Wait, there it all goes.

Have any of you (The readers who never comment)(And Seb) read any of my things? I posted something I couldn't title at The Realm one day, and only AJ commented. Maybe that's why I never write anything, because I demand praise for the things I do write and I never get any ^_^. Oh well.

In History today Shav wasn't there, so we thought we might get some work done... We were wrong. Mrs Cook talked again for the whole period about Funnel Web spiders and Snakes and other stuff living in Aussie, and I got a bigger headache. I couldn't even read a (very interesing) Thesaurus (It had loads of random info). Bah, I didn't feel much like learning anyway.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight. I probably won't. But at least I can think I did tomorrow morning, and then it'll be all okay.

August 05, 2004

Can you hear my Baby Monitor?

Today was a sports exchange day; I played Piggy in the middle with Ian and Mallory for 2 hours o_o. We didn't feel like watching people play sport anyway.
Lots of interesting & bizarre things happened today, but I can't remember any of them. I had a painful headache for most of it, I've been getting them alot lately, and I don't know why.
I woke up at 7:15 this morning, and had to get ready for the bus by 7:20 again. That hasn't happened for awhile now, and I hope I'm not slipping back into my old habits. I want to be able to stay awake on the bus.

I've started to read FFCheese, and Blue Shinra again. FFCheese is proving to be interesting (But Empy, you're right - the first few chapters are a bit mouldy) and Blue Shinra is amazing. Last time I only got up to chapter 4 and then I lost the link, but now I'm staying put ^_^.

Oh, and we're currently studying Restoration in drama. It's very interesting.

Ummm... Nothing's happeneing in my life at the moment. I'm just happily plodding along ^_^.


August 04, 2004

That was unexpected...

I just took a quiz from Empy's blog...

Your wings are BROKEN and tattered. You are an angelic spirit who has fallen from grace for one reason or another - possibly, you made one tragic mistake that cost you everything. Or maybe you were blamed for a crime you didn't commit. In any case, you are faithless and joyless You find no happiness, love, or acceptance in your love or in yourself. Most days are a burden and you wonder when the hurting will end. Sweet, beautiful and sorrowful, you paint a tragic and touching picture. You are the one that few understand. Those that do know you are likely to love you deeply and wish that they could do something to ease your pain. You are constantly living in memories of better times and a better world. You are hard on yourself and self-critical or self-loathing. Feeling rejected and unloved, you are sensitive, caring, deep, and despite your tainted nature, your soul is breathtakingly beautiful.


I feel like writing a fanfic o_O.


Nothing interesting happened today at all, I found the clipboard in the auditorium and got an idea for my speech. I want to do something involving 1984, George Bush, and Privacy/Freedom of Speech & Thought, but it also has to be persuasive. I could do a persuasive speech about how easily the world could turn into a distopia, but ... Dunno. My friend wants to do a persuasive speech on why the teacher should give him an Excellence, and I thought that was slightly funny =D.

went to look in the library for some books, and remembered a book that I'd been hearing about at GameFAQs' literary board; Brave New World. I never got it out, though, because my brother dragged me away. I did find a VERY interesting idea in Tearaway (A monthly teenage magazine about politics & music & stuff): All Weapons should be replaced with Hula Hoops. Just imagine, people get into a dispute, and instead of fighting, they resolve the issue with a hula-hoop battle, seeing who can spin it for the longest. I can see soldiers spinning their hips in the battlefields now... And running down the street to catch somebody with it ^_^. I thought the idea was genius.

But because it was such a boring day, there's nothing else to talk about. I have no moans, no strange events, no weird dream stories. Oh, how disappointing. Woe.

August 03, 2004

New stuff

I went to see Oliver! last night, I'll write a review of it soon. Overall, I wasn't impressed by the acting (Although Fagan & The girl were very good), and most of it seemed mediocre (Especially Mr. Bumble and Bill Sikes). The singing, however, was excellent, and Oliver himself was very good, considering it was his first time onstage.

I've also changed the banner a tad to make it more customisedableage, and added my mood ~>. My back aches when I move my left arm back, it's right behind my shoulderblade, too. I want somebody to rub it >_<.

I'm hooked on A Perfect Circle again, and that's bad because they make me feel melancholy. I just got over listening to The Smashing Pumpkins, as well. Oh well, it's good music.

I bought some nifty white shoes that I'll wear for the Ball for $14.00 from the Warehouse today. I think I'll get a stick & paint it white for a cane or something ^_^. The only thing that isn't white will be my corsage, Meghan said she'd get a red one. I think I'll get a red one as well, so that they match.

I was going to o to Ballroom dancing lessons today at lunch for fun, but I had Theatresports (Which wasn't too bad. I played well). I can still do it next monday, though.

I fear I may be getting into a bit os a spat with Empy at The Realm, and I don't want to bring my claws out. I know it's the Random Insanity Forum, and he used to be the Mod for it, but... He's just getting on the verge of spammy. If somebody like Jake were to post that much, they'd be told off, or banned. I'd better stop before I hurt somebody, but... yeah. It's so sad when there's different rules.

Oh, and I got a Merit for our devised script. I'm not disappointed, because I honestly didn't even think I deserved that, but it does make me sad because I could've done so much better. That and my character was a very hard character to play, whereas Beth Rose was very easy. I do commend Sonjia on her performance, though. The annoying thing is that us other 4 were forced to take backseat roles in the production process, which gave us less room to create our own characters. We could've made our seperate parts bigger, but it would've detracted from the main story. Most of my ideas were used in the story (In fact, my original idea was the one we chose, and I had alot of input as to how the play was structured), but Sonjia took it home and wrote and it came out... weird, but we were running out of time so we did it anyway. Actually, the orignal ending that she wrote sucked really bad, so I re-wrote it to be more depressing, and that was well-recieved. Mallory then suggested I rewrote the whole thing, but we'd already spent 3 weeks rehearsing and we only had 2 weeks before it was shown, so I didn't want to. Besides, I did'nt wwas to make Sonjia feel bad. But, she got an Excellence for being the lead role, and I got a Merit for playing a character who had trouble showing emotion (How the hell was I supposed to do well with that?) What really really pisses me off is, in another group, Kale Hocking played the same character he's always played, and got an Excellence >_<. I should'nt be spiteful, but... Ehh.

We have to start rehearsing it again, however, as Elizabeth has entered us into the Canterbury Highschool Dramary thingy along with another group. It's going to be hard to edit ours, though, because it has to be under 15 minutes, and ours id 25... And everything in it is so vital to the storyline...

I best be off to bed now, I've set myself on a tangent. That and it's now 10:30.

~~Shut Down~~

August 01, 2004

Well waddaya know

I'm tired again. Isn't that a first.

I've taken up gardening. It's very relaxing, and it keeps me warm. It also keeps me outside. Since our veggie garden hasn't had anything done to it in about 3 years, it's looking a bit messy... But so far I've cleaned out the glasshouse and dug it over, as well as weeded & dug a bit by the drive. I accidentally killed a beetle as well :(.

Yesterday I watched Very Annie Mary, a film set in Wales. I found it very touching, and very funny, and I heartily recommend it.

Earlier tonight I started on my History thingy, where we have to create a diary of a gold miner. I wrote mine out in a blunt pencil, complete with bad spelling & little pictures, and then when I made it look old all the pencil got smudged off and I couldn't read it. Then I found out that I have to write a miner's guidebook as well, and quite frankly I can't be fucked now because I'm tired and I've been getting huge headaches recently. But my teacher (The wonderfully sponaneous Mrs Cook) said she'd give us a few day's grace if we couldn't get it done. I also have a Physics test tomorrow, but I think I know enough to pass.

We had no power all day Saturday, for some unknown reason.I think there was a fault or something. Anyway, because I woke up at 1 I only had to endure half of it, and then I went out and did some tractor work.

I just changed my MSN profile. It's about 2 years old, and still has my real name as being "Diamond Weapon". Since I'm over that now, I think it's safe to change all my details so that they're true.

The internet has become quite the boring place over the last week. Nobody's online except for a few people, and The Realm is going through a fairly empty spot. Unless I'm just going online more and more often without realising it. Actually, I've been losing track of time recently. I need sleep.

It's good to hear that Advent Children will be displayed at the Venice Film Festival, and even better that it's going to be relased in Japan in a few months. I still want Reeve/Cait Sith to appear, but my hopes are draining. It was nice to see a sillhuoette of Yuffie parachuting, so maybe theres hope for my favourite moogle/king cat yet.

Seeing as it's 10:00, I'd better go night-night.


PS: Is this blog getting boring? Please tell me if it is. I'd like to know who reads it.