July 18, 2004

I hate Freewebs

Wouldn't it be nice if they said they only allowed 50 files for non-payers?

So now I have to find another place the host the Plushie cards -_-.

Well, it's the last day of the holidays, and I spent half of it
breeding chocobos. The other half I plan to spend doing nothing, or
homework :\.

I had the strangest dream last night. The first part involved our
school fighting another school, and I was attacked by this one guy (He
was a really big guy who picked me up lots), but I got away twice. On
the third time, I tried stabbing him in the neck with a pencil, but it
wouldn't go through, so I stabbed him below the ribs with the sharp
end. Then I ran inside our house and hid in the toilet, and climbed up
to the cieling (Except it was different, this time there was a little
room with sunshine and a balcony and stuff). Then some random people
came up the balcony and started talking to me, Then I went down and we
all had a big party and a lugh (Including the guy whop I'd stabbed).

Then I woke up and turned down my stereo.

When I fell asleep again, I was at a primary school reunion. About
halfway through the day, we all decided to get changed, so I got
changed into my uniform which disappeared for some reason a few minutes
later. I was then naked (But completely unashamed), and stayed that way
for the rest of the day. Then I walked out (apoligising to people on
the way for being naked) and got into a housebus and my family was in
the back. I put on some clothes, then we went to some big Indian place
where there were big sheets hanging out of windows and very rich and
stuff. The pavement had big dips/tunnels/things with water running
through them, and it looked very cool. I walked around and bought some
souvenirs, and my sister bought a black top. Then for some reason we
were in the battle of Troy... and I was fighting on the left side. Then
there weas the whole horse thing (Except it never happened) and I woke

I love dreams ^_^.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free webs sucks ass! It's the most rediculous free site on the planet! They hardly give you worth a shit! They skimp on every thing! They don't even give you signifacant amount of space! Fuckin cheap asses


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