July 23, 2004

Friday, Friday.


Ah, this week has been a huge mess. Next week we have our devised script to perform, and I just found out I'm also in Pride & Prejudice. I've also had a load of homework, and invented a new friend. His name is Ethan, he's a negative electron rabbit, and you may find him appearing somewhere soon.
I saw Cid's face for FF7:AC... I must say, it scared the bejeezus outta me. I hope he doesn't look like that all the time. I also caught a glimpse of Red XIII, and I thought he looked too much like a dog... I always thought of him as a tiger ^_^.
The ball's coming up soon. I'm going to wear a completely white tux, and streak my hair white... My partner's giving me a red rose, and I'm getting her a white one to put in her hair.
Helen Clarke (New Zealand's PM) travelled 195 km in 120 minutes in order to catch a flight to a rugby game she didn't need to be at, and she isn't even being fined or anything. Now she wants to use government money to buy a jet. Damn politicians.
U-Turn is on tonight, and seeing as I love it so much I'm gonna watch it. Goodnight.


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