July 26, 2004

The Fight Agaist Meningitis.


I managed to register at The Realm's new board, and then it went and died on me... Now I can't get anywhere without encountering an error page. So, one of my main places to hang around in has been barred from me for a short while.
I was having a relatively good day up until then, too. Now I'm not a happy chappy. And my eyes hurt because my mother's chopping onions over there.

But Fight Club's on tonight, so I hope that'll cheer me up just a tad. I'm intrigued to know just what it's about. I've heard many good things.

I've been thinking recently- This blog sucks arse. When I didn't have one, I thought it'd be a wonderful thing and I'd be able to write down loads of things - but now when I go to type nothing comes out except for a description of What I Did Today, which isn't terribly exciting. I don't think anybody reads it anymore either.

If anybody comments on this post, then I'll give them 100 Plushie Points to spend, as well as 3 cards of their choice. If they don't have a plushie, then I'll give them a starter pack as well.

And if nobody comments, I might as well quit the bloody thing.


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