July 29, 2004

The day before Friday

You know, I'm downloading Oasis' Wonderwall right now. I haven't heard it for a long time. And when I'd downloaded enough, I previewed it... And almost burst into tears. I love it when songs have that effect on me.
I've firmly convinced my Physics teacher that I'm a tad psychologically twisted. He had a shirt on that had a small picture of Tigger (Tigger was bouncing), and I pointed at him and yelled out
Except it came out more like
Then he started talking about all the Disney Lands/Worlds and which ones were the best. Euro Disney was crap (Because Mickey walked up to him and said "bonjour! and it scared him) and Disney World was the best because it was insanely fun. Or maybe it was Disney Land.
I feel strange right now. Like I want to do cartwheels, or fall over sideways, or rollerskate with bare feet. I think I'm tired. In History I was copying down notes, and the notes were filled with the most random thoughts that I couldn't stop my hand from writing.

Last night I was looking for tings for my CV, and I found some old textbooks from Primary school. In one of them, I found a quite depressing poem that I had written when I was about 11. It was very basic, but the message behind it was very... frightening. I didn't know I thought about that kind of stuff when I was little. It ended up with everybody in the world killing each other because there were no laws, or something.. I should post it sometime.

I'm suffering from chronic tiredness again. Fortunately, I'm at my second stage of tiredness - I feel sluggish, but still active, and everything's just slightly funny. My levels of tiredness go from:
-Mildly Tired is when I feel a bit sleepy. I feel good when I go to bed, and feel good when I wake up in the morning. I also wake up earlier than I'm supposed to.
-Overtired is what I'm at now; I feel tired quite a bit, and I also get a backache and think about random things.
-Next I'll go into Super Tired, where everything is funny, and I use so much energy that I'm constantly drifting off into a half-sleep, and disappear off the face of the earth for a little while.
-Between that and the next one is a small one which happens rarely, which I call Sleepy Hyperactivity. I'm very energetic, but my body wants to just die. I often talk quickly in this time, and think of very random things.
-After that, there's Sleepiness, in which I just... nod off without knowing. It happens alot when I pull a movie marathon, and we decide to watch a particularly boring movie in the early morning. I don't know if I slept or not when I wake up.
-Then there's just plain Exhausted, which comes from not sleep deprevation, but using too much energy. It happens alot around major plays (Like Fiddler), and absolutely nothing's good. I just need sleep. And energy drink.

I just realised that I missed Black Books, and wrote this out instead.

Oh well. Night, y'all.


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