July 17, 2004


No updates for a looong time, mainly because of my busy life. Blogger is my homepage, yet I never update o_O. Or I just forget.

We finished Fiddler last term, and got a standing ovation on the final night. It's the first time one of our school prodeuctions has ever got one. When I told Mum about this, she replied "And who did they bribe to do that?". My prents don't particularly care about alot of the things I do. It's unfortunate.

Last week I did a media course. The first day we had an intro to journalism, and I wrote soething about Snow White being arrested for trespassing. Day 2 we did Radio & Television, in which we all got taped, but somebody turned mute on (Honestly, what good is a camera that has a mute setting?) but the lady said I did look good on film. I had a nice face, or something. Very expressive. The last day we spent a full day making websites, and I didn't do much, mainly because I was playing with new things.

Plushie Battle Network is coming along nicely, I've got the First Wave cards done, and I only need to upload them. Lycos.co.uk was busy with maintenance or something, so I'm going to Freewebs..Not forever, o'course, but just for a bit. Does anybody know if they do image hosting?

I went to see Spiderman 2, as well... And thought it was a bit off. The plot was veru thin, and the pacing of the entire movie was very... weird. Doc Ock wasn't as cool as I thought he would be, and there were too many characters.. Many of whom were very shallow (Especially Harry). The whole Spiderman-losing-his-powers-and-having-to-cope-with-life dig got very boring, and the movie didn't.. go anywhere. A bit cheesy in all areas, too.

There you go Seb. I'll try and update it every day now.


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