July 31, 2004

Time for a cool change (lalala)

Yeah. I got bored with the old one. And now you can see my profile.

But it's now 2 am. I thin I'll post properly tomorrow morning *yawn*

July 29, 2004

The day before Friday

You know, I'm downloading Oasis' Wonderwall right now. I haven't heard it for a long time. And when I'd downloaded enough, I previewed it... And almost burst into tears. I love it when songs have that effect on me.
I've firmly convinced my Physics teacher that I'm a tad psychologically twisted. He had a shirt on that had a small picture of Tigger (Tigger was bouncing), and I pointed at him and yelled out
Except it came out more like
Then he started talking about all the Disney Lands/Worlds and which ones were the best. Euro Disney was crap (Because Mickey walked up to him and said "bonjour! and it scared him) and Disney World was the best because it was insanely fun. Or maybe it was Disney Land.
I feel strange right now. Like I want to do cartwheels, or fall over sideways, or rollerskate with bare feet. I think I'm tired. In History I was copying down notes, and the notes were filled with the most random thoughts that I couldn't stop my hand from writing.

Last night I was looking for tings for my CV, and I found some old textbooks from Primary school. In one of them, I found a quite depressing poem that I had written when I was about 11. It was very basic, but the message behind it was very... frightening. I didn't know I thought about that kind of stuff when I was little. It ended up with everybody in the world killing each other because there were no laws, or something.. I should post it sometime.

I'm suffering from chronic tiredness again. Fortunately, I'm at my second stage of tiredness - I feel sluggish, but still active, and everything's just slightly funny. My levels of tiredness go from:
-Mildly Tired is when I feel a bit sleepy. I feel good when I go to bed, and feel good when I wake up in the morning. I also wake up earlier than I'm supposed to.
-Overtired is what I'm at now; I feel tired quite a bit, and I also get a backache and think about random things.
-Next I'll go into Super Tired, where everything is funny, and I use so much energy that I'm constantly drifting off into a half-sleep, and disappear off the face of the earth for a little while.
-Between that and the next one is a small one which happens rarely, which I call Sleepy Hyperactivity. I'm very energetic, but my body wants to just die. I often talk quickly in this time, and think of very random things.
-After that, there's Sleepiness, in which I just... nod off without knowing. It happens alot when I pull a movie marathon, and we decide to watch a particularly boring movie in the early morning. I don't know if I slept or not when I wake up.
-Then there's just plain Exhausted, which comes from not sleep deprevation, but using too much energy. It happens alot around major plays (Like Fiddler), and absolutely nothing's good. I just need sleep. And energy drink.

I just realised that I missed Black Books, and wrote this out instead.

Oh well. Night, y'all.

July 28, 2004

O_O There's people here!?

Yaay! You're commenting!

Thanks guys, it makes me feel secure. And yaay Fuzzy! *writes down stuff* I'll give you the offer when it gets started.

And I just exceeding today's Bandwidth with Bravenet. *sigh* I'm having no luck with hosting services. I guess I'll have to pay for them one day, but I don't have any money...


July 27, 2004

I made a Pick-Chure

It's scawy, and I don't want my birthday to be like this -
I drew it at school.

Also, Bravenet only allows 17 MB of bandwidth a day, and I've already used 13 today... And that's only from people looking at the few pictures I've posted. Frightening. Ah well, A grand don't come for free.

I see nobody has replied to the offer below... Oh well. Maybe I should advertise more.

July 26, 2004

The Fight Agaist Meningitis.


I managed to register at The Realm's new board, and then it went and died on me... Now I can't get anywhere without encountering an error page. So, one of my main places to hang around in has been barred from me for a short while.
I was having a relatively good day up until then, too. Now I'm not a happy chappy. And my eyes hurt because my mother's chopping onions over there.

But Fight Club's on tonight, so I hope that'll cheer me up just a tad. I'm intrigued to know just what it's about. I've heard many good things.

I've been thinking recently- This blog sucks arse. When I didn't have one, I thought it'd be a wonderful thing and I'd be able to write down loads of things - but now when I go to type nothing comes out except for a description of What I Did Today, which isn't terribly exciting. I don't think anybody reads it anymore either.

If anybody comments on this post, then I'll give them 100 Plushie Points to spend, as well as 3 cards of their choice. If they don't have a plushie, then I'll give them a starter pack as well.

And if nobody comments, I might as well quit the bloody thing.

July 23, 2004

Friday, Friday.


Ah, this week has been a huge mess. Next week we have our devised script to perform, and I just found out I'm also in Pride & Prejudice. I've also had a load of homework, and invented a new friend. His name is Ethan, he's a negative electron rabbit, and you may find him appearing somewhere soon.
I saw Cid's face for FF7:AC... I must say, it scared the bejeezus outta me. I hope he doesn't look like that all the time. I also caught a glimpse of Red XIII, and I thought he looked too much like a dog... I always thought of him as a tiger ^_^.
The ball's coming up soon. I'm going to wear a completely white tux, and streak my hair white... My partner's giving me a red rose, and I'm getting her a white one to put in her hair.
Helen Clarke (New Zealand's PM) travelled 195 km in 120 minutes in order to catch a flight to a rugby game she didn't need to be at, and she isn't even being fined or anything. Now she wants to use government money to buy a jet. Damn politicians.
U-Turn is on tonight, and seeing as I love it so much I'm gonna watch it. Goodnight.

July 19, 2004

First day of school! First day of school!

Sadly, my first day of school wasn't quite as exciting as Nemo's. I miss the holidays already.

My life has become very.. boring. It's not boring in the sense that nothing's happening, It's just that I've become bored with what I do, and how I live. I've worked my quick wit and twisted sense of humour to a fine art, and none of that makes me laugh anymore. The only things I enjoy are bizarre or unfunny to others, and I end up the onyl one laughing. Where others laugh, I don't, because it's just.. Not funny. Know what I mean?

The only things left in my life right now involve hard work, and I just.. can't be bothered. Especially if it's not going to get me anywhere.

Bleh. I'm tired.

July 18, 2004


Mozilla keeps crashing on me, and I don't know why >.<

That is all. Dismissed.

I hate Freewebs

Wouldn't it be nice if they said they only allowed 50 files for non-payers?

So now I have to find another place the host the Plushie cards -_-.

Well, it's the last day of the holidays, and I spent half of it
breeding chocobos. The other half I plan to spend doing nothing, or
homework :\.

I had the strangest dream last night. The first part involved our
school fighting another school, and I was attacked by this one guy (He
was a really big guy who picked me up lots), but I got away twice. On
the third time, I tried stabbing him in the neck with a pencil, but it
wouldn't go through, so I stabbed him below the ribs with the sharp
end. Then I ran inside our house and hid in the toilet, and climbed up
to the cieling (Except it was different, this time there was a little
room with sunshine and a balcony and stuff). Then some random people
came up the balcony and started talking to me, Then I went down and we
all had a big party and a lugh (Including the guy whop I'd stabbed).

Then I woke up and turned down my stereo.

When I fell asleep again, I was at a primary school reunion. About
halfway through the day, we all decided to get changed, so I got
changed into my uniform which disappeared for some reason a few minutes
later. I was then naked (But completely unashamed), and stayed that way
for the rest of the day. Then I walked out (apoligising to people on
the way for being naked) and got into a housebus and my family was in
the back. I put on some clothes, then we went to some big Indian place
where there were big sheets hanging out of windows and very rich and
stuff. The pavement had big dips/tunnels/things with water running
through them, and it looked very cool. I walked around and bought some
souvenirs, and my sister bought a black top. Then for some reason we
were in the battle of Troy... and I was fighting on the left side. Then
there weas the whole horse thing (Except it never happened) and I woke

I love dreams ^_^.

July 17, 2004


No updates for a looong time, mainly because of my busy life. Blogger is my homepage, yet I never update o_O. Or I just forget.

We finished Fiddler last term, and got a standing ovation on the final night. It's the first time one of our school prodeuctions has ever got one. When I told Mum about this, she replied "And who did they bribe to do that?". My prents don't particularly care about alot of the things I do. It's unfortunate.

Last week I did a media course. The first day we had an intro to journalism, and I wrote soething about Snow White being arrested for trespassing. Day 2 we did Radio & Television, in which we all got taped, but somebody turned mute on (Honestly, what good is a camera that has a mute setting?) but the lady said I did look good on film. I had a nice face, or something. Very expressive. The last day we spent a full day making websites, and I didn't do much, mainly because I was playing with new things.

Plushie Battle Network is coming along nicely, I've got the First Wave cards done, and I only need to upload them. Lycos.co.uk was busy with maintenance or something, so I'm going to Freewebs..Not forever, o'course, but just for a bit. Does anybody know if they do image hosting?

I went to see Spiderman 2, as well... And thought it was a bit off. The plot was veru thin, and the pacing of the entire movie was very... weird. Doc Ock wasn't as cool as I thought he would be, and there were too many characters.. Many of whom were very shallow (Especially Harry). The whole Spiderman-losing-his-powers-and-having-to-cope-with-life dig got very boring, and the movie didn't.. go anywhere. A bit cheesy in all areas, too.

There you go Seb. I'll try and update it every day now.