June 01, 2004

Not long now...

I don't know what I'm looking forward to, but it ought to be good.

Sorry for not updating this earlier, I just haven't had the time at all. And, in the rare times when I have been able to get here, I've had to do something else and couldn't post anything new.

This week is exam week. Yesterday I had Maths, I just did History (I'm sitting at a school computer now) and pretty soon I've got English. Tomorrow, I've got Drama (As well as Fiddler until 6:30) and on Friday I've got Physics in the morning. ICT doesn't have an exam ^_^.
The maths department thought it'd be fun to give us the set of question based on the entire year, even when we haven't learned 3/4 of it. Pointless, really, as it just got everybody worried.

I'm curentl;y thinking of movies to hire at the end of the week, as well as good party games, and this is what I've got:
-U Turn
-Hot Shots 1 & 2
-Beauty and the Beast (Hey, I haven't seen it yet =P)
-Battle Royale
-Spirited Away ^_^ (I've seen it heaps, but my friends haven't)

And games:
-Timesplitters 2
-Eyetoy: Groove
-Dynasty Warriors 4

Any reccomendations for some games?


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